Police Called On Bernie Sanders Supporters That Routinely Intimidate Democratic Officials

The leader of the ardent Berners is claiming that protesting outside officials' private homes helps keep them 'honest.'

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The leader of the ardent Berners is claiming that protesting outside officials' private homes helps keep them 'honest.'

A group of fervent Bernie Sanders supporters have had the police called on them numerous times following protests that targeted private homes. Though the group is not employed by the campaign, the potential Democratic presidential candidate has previously come under attack due to reports of his supporters’ aggressive behavior.

According to Politico, the self-appointed leader of the rowdy demonstrators is longtime political activist and professed “Berner” Maria Estrada. She had led a group to at least three private residences of Democratic officials, and the authorities had been called at least twice after officials felt unsafe.

One target was William McCurdy, the Nevada party chair and a member of the state Assembly. The night before the Nevada primary, a large group led by Estrada picketed outside of McCurdy’s house with a bullhorn until almost midnight.

“I want assurances that there isn’t going to be any shenanigans going on tomorrow. The Democratic Party does not control what happens,” Estrada reportedly said, among other similar demands of fairness.

When McCurdy told the protesters they had “crossed a line,” Estrada shot back that the Democratic Party would cross that line should Sanders not be treated fairly.

Sanders ended up winning the state with over 50 percent of the vote.

Friends of McCurdy said that though he was rattled enough to call the police, he was hesitant to publicize the event in case it would reflect poorly on Sanders and influence the Nevada primary.

McCurdy has not been the only one with protesters stationed outside his home. Other officials who have been targeted include California Secretary of State Alex Padilla and state Democratic Party Chairman Rusty Hicks.

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Meanwhile, Sanders’ campaign has sought to distance itself from the actions of Estrada and other supporters. After viewing the footage, senior adviser Jeff Weaver, called the actions “unacceptable.”

“No one who behaves like this is part of our movement,” Weaver said. “People who support this campaign do so by civilly mobilizing other voters to come to the polls. We have zero tolerance for these activities and condemn them in the strongest terms.”

Meanwhile, Estrada has remained defiant in her actions, claiming that she is pressuring officials to “keep them honest.”

“We want justice and we want accountability and if I have to go to Dean Logan’s home, Rusty Hicks’ home, or anyone else… they should expect that the people will demand answers,” she wrote in a Facebook message.

The actions of Estrada and her peers come as yet another piece of bad news for the Vermont senator. The 78-year-old is currently fighting to maintain his support in South Carolina after recent polls suggested Biden could become the delegate leader overnight, as was previously reported by The Inquisitr.