Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Cameron & Trina Are In Grave Danger As Cyrus Makes His Move

William Lipton and Sydney Mikayla play Cameron and Trina on 'General Hospital'
Matt Petit / Walt Disney Television

Thursday’s episode is not to be missed for fans of General Hospital. Spoilers have been hinting that the teen’s formal dance might intersect with the mob war, and that was confirmed at the end of Wednesday’s show. Cameron and Trina think they’re off to the dance but now it seems they’re in the midst of being kidnapped instead.

As viewers saw on Wednesday, Trina went to Cameron’s place and the two caught a ride-share together to head to the dance. Trina was disappointed that her dad didn’t make it to Liz’s house to take photos, and fans saw that he missed out because he was jumped after meeting with Sonny.

Taggert revealed to Jordan and Curtis that he was intended to be the third of the four-person undercover team to be killed with a drug overdose coordinated by Cyrus. Taggert escaped serious harm, but it appears that a back-up plan to get to him must have already been in the works.

At the very end of Wednesday’s episode, it was shown that the driver of the supposed ride-share is one of the men working for Cyrus. General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for Thursday’s show confirm that the driver will not be taking Trina and Cameron to the dance as they anticipated.

SheKnows Soaps indicates that Trina and Cameron will be off to embrace their first date during Thursday’s show. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they’ll get far before they realize they’re in trouble.

Other General Hospital spoilers have suggested that something devastating will happen at the dance itself thanks to Cyrus, and that may still be the case. However, now it seems that Trina and Cameron may not even get there at all. In addition, it seems likely that Taggert will soon find out that his daughter has been snatched as Cyrus moves forward in exacting revenge for what went down a decade ago.

General Hospital spoilers from the preview for the week showed what appeared to be Cameron panicked and running. Could it be that the kidnapper lets Cameron go, since his interest is in Taggert’s daughter, or perhaps Cam escapes and runs for help?

It looks like viewers will have to wait and see what transpires during the show airing on Thursday in regard to this apparent kidnapping. General Hospital spoilers signal that this kidnapping is probably just one piece of a bigger threat from Cyrus that will have everybody in Port Charles scrambling next Monday and fans are anxious to learn more.