'General Hospital' Spoilers For Wednesday Hint At Trouble For Liz & Franco Thanks To Ava & Nikolas

General Hospital spoilers have hinted that Elizabeth and Franco will face new challenges in their marriage thanks to the shady partnership that Ava and Nikolas have created. Viewers have already seen the beginning tidbits of this developing storyline, and there's more on the way with Wednesday's episode.

Nikolas and Ava came to an agreement regarding a post-nuptial agreement and now, they are both hoping to get the other one to break the terms. Spoilers have revealed that these efforts will involve Elizabeth and Franco, and things are quickly heating up on this front.

Liz and Franco have navigated some very complicated situations over the past few months, but they are in a great place now. General Hospital fans of "Friz" are not going to be happy if they're torn apart again anytime soon, but it looks like Ava and Nik are going to try.

This week, Franco started spending time with Ava to work on a portrait she requested for Wyndemere. Nik was seen looking in on them as they talked, and it was clear that the wheels were spinning in his mind as he watched their close dynamic.

Franco inadvertently gave Ava some information she found to be juicy and useful. He mentioned that Nik and Liz had a fling years ago when she was married to Lucky. While the two have moved far beyond that in the years since then, Ava was practically giddy over learning that the friendship had crossed that line at one point.

Now, it appears that Nik will probably try to push Franco and Ava together again as she tries to do the same with Liz and Nik. If either of the newlyweds cheats on the other, the post-nuptial agreement comes into play. Both want to come out on top in regard to the terms that were set.

The sneak peek for Wednesday's show indicates that there's more with Liz, Nik, and Ava on the way. It's suggested that Ava will cross paths with Carly, and as is often the case, things will get a bit snarky. Carly will make a comment about how she can't imagine that Ava will be Nik's wife for much longer.

Ava probably won't let herself get pulled into much banter with Carly in this conversation, as she's got her eyes on the prize and has plans to implement. Elsewhere, spoilers for General Hospital detail that Nikolas will have another chat with Elizabeth.

Nik is desperate to repair his friendship with Liz, but she's made it clear that she's not ready for that yet. It appears that he'll keep trying, however. For Wednesday's show, General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps note that Nik will confide in Liz in some sense.

Whatever it is that Nik confides to Liz about, it looks as if she won't necessarily be all that moved. She'll tell him that he's made his choices and now he has to live with them.

How far will Ava and Nik go to try to bring each other down, and how much of an impact will this have on Liz and Franco? General Hospital spoilers tease that next week, Ava will pay Liz a visit, and fans will certainly be curious to see how this plays out.