'General Hospital' Spoilers: The Teen Scene Is Heating Up & Cameron May Soon Be In Danger

There are juicy developments on the horizon for the teen crew on General Hospital and spoilers suggest that there's heartbreak ahead. There's been a romantic quadrangle developing, and now teasers hint that Cameron might find himself in a dangerous predicament again soon.

Cameron has had a crush on Josslyn for ages now, but she's got a crush on Dev. Trina also had a crush on Dev, but the Port Charles newcomer turned both ladies down when they made their moves in recent weeks.

Now, Trina is urging Cam to go after Joss, with a fake date in the works that they hope will nudge Joss in Cam's direction. However, General Hospital spoilers have hinted that it might be Cam and Trina who end up together and fans are all for it.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday's episode share that there will be some scenes involving some of the teens. The Twitter sneak peek for the show indicates that Trina will call out Joss for relying so much on her journaling that she's potentially missing out on real life.

Joss will probably stammer and claim that she is doing nothing of the sort. However, Trina tends to call it as she sees it and it looks like Josslyn needs a bit of a wakeup call at the moment.

It looks like these upcoming scenes will be relatively light-hearted, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that trouble is brewing. The sneak peek for the full week posted on Twitter hints that something big is about to happen and it seems that Cameron, in particular, might be impacted in some way.

As a flurry of faces and glimpses of developments ahead flash across the screen, a voiceover reveals that what happens next hits close to home. The promo includes Elizabeth, Franco, Brando, Laura, Jason, and Julian with a hint of Willow incorporated. However, a fleeting moment of Cam running and looking scared seems to be the core moment of this particular teaser.

According to SheKnows Soaps, the teen formal will air later this week. General Hospital spoilers also indicate that Port Charles will have some sort of tragedy hit that leads to numerous injuries and possibly casualties generating a frenzy on Monday.

Right now, it's not known if the tragedy ahead is connected to the teen dance, but fans suspect that's the case. Many also have a hunch that this will be related to the mob war escalating between Sonny and Cyrus. Perhaps Cyrus has his men retaliate for Jason blowing up their merchandise and the strike happens wherever the dance is happening.

It's not known for certain that Cameron will be hurt or in danger. However, the sneak peek does seem to suggest it. Even if Cam ends up in danger, fans can probably feel pretty confident he'll pull through. After all, the show already put him through the wringer with the Shiloh/Franco/Drew memory swap torture not long ago. In addition, there's a big love triangle for him to navigate in the days ahead.

General Hospital spoilers share that viewers will see a bit more with Trina, Cameron, and Josslyn on Tuesday's show and it looks as if there are big things on the way for this teen trio.