March Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Casualties & Chaos Rattle Port Charles

The past few episodes on General Hospital have been crazy, and spoilers tease that next month will also be filled with intense drama. A mob war is heating up, Michael has reunited with his son, and the Quartermaines are fighting to keep ELQ. Apparently, as the plots thicken, there is apparently more to these storylines and plenty of others.

According to SheKnows Soaps, the baby swap revelation will continue to cause chaos throughout Port Charles. Both Nelle and Brad are in jail and it sounds as if Julian’s involvement may soon emerge. Naturally, Obrecht will be pulled back into this, with General Hospital spoilers indicating she’ll be popping up numerous times during early March.

Sadly, part of the emerging baby swap revelation means Willow will learn that her biological son died the night he had been placed with Brad and Lucas. Fans have speculated that this tragedy may push Willow and Michael together, and General Hospital spoilers signal that coupling may happen soon.

Over the next couple of weeks, viewers will apparently witness Willow doing something that shocks Michael. General Hospital spoilers detail that Sasha will do what’s best for herself, but it is yet unknown as to whether or not this relates to Michael, deception, or something else.

Viewers will watch as Willow struggles to accept this heartbreak, and Chase will ask Michael for advice. Around this time, Alexis will step up with legal advice for which may or may not be connected to the adoption and baby situation.

The coming weeks will also bring numerous developments regarding the mob war. Jordan is hiding secrets and Cyrus is intent on destroying her. Laura will be brought up to speed on some of what’s been going on at the docks and she’ll soon get confrontational with someone. Sonny will look for answers, and, in early March, something will prompt Jason to confront Curtis.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, the Quartermaine family will face intensifying challenges as they try to protect ELQ. Brook Lynn will be anxious, and this likely relates to Valentin’s scheming to put her in a position to give up her ELQ shares in exchange for Linc letting her out of her contract.

Ned and Michael will find navigating all of this challenging and viewers will get to see a bit of Monica in the coming weeks, too. Spinelli will be around quite a bit, helping some and pushing for answers from others, including Obrecht. In addition, new drama will be coming up for Elizabeth, Nikolas, and Ava.

During the final days of February, Trina and Cameron will go to a school dance together, hoping to cause Josslyn to become jealous. Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers hint that this school dance could turn into much more than just a teen gathering.

General Hospital spoilers also reveal that the ER will be flooded with casualties during the show airing on Monday, March 2, and some viewers wonder if this will involve teens from the dance after something goes wrong. Of course, it’s also quite possible that the upcoming chaos happens elsewhere in Port Charles, with fans already suspecting that whatever happens will be mob-related.

There will be more involving Anna and Finn, as well as with Peter and Maxie. General Hospital spoilers suggest that additional developments ahead involve Jax, Nina, Valentin, Lulu, and Dustin, too.

In general, all signs point to a wild and enticing month of drama ahead.

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