'The Bachelor' Spoilers Reveal What Happens After The Peter Weber & Madison Prewett Intimacy Cliffhanger

Peter Weber has big decisions to make as the star of this season's The Bachelor and spoilers reveal what he will do as the next episode begins. At the end of Monday's show, Peter and finalist Madison Prewett were struggling over the issue of intimacy. The two are on significantly different pages in regard to this topic and fans are curious to see if they can truly weather this storm.

As The Bachelor spoilers had previously detailed, Peter admitted to Madi that he had slept with someone else during the Fantasy Suite week. She was quite upset by this and excused herself from their dinner table, uncertain whether she could continue with the process.

According to spoiler king Reality Steve, Madi won't leave after this revelation from Peter. Next Monday, fans will get to see the Women Tell All (WTA) special, but the first part of the episode will show what happens next with Peter and Madi as they face the penultimate rose ceremony.

Reality Steve broke down The Bachelor spoilers for what will happen. After the Women Tell All special was pre-taped over the weekend, the blogger shared all of the scoop via Twitter.

As the audience for the WTA taping was shown, Peter and Madi do not end up spending the night together. The Bachelor spoilers indicate that the March 2 episode will essentially begin with the next rose ceremony.

The spoilers also reveal that Victoria Fuller will be the first to arrive at the setup for the next rose ceremony. Hannah Ann Sluss arrives next, followed by Peter. Madi won't initially be there, but she will soon arrive.

Reality Steve's spoilers detail that Hannah Ann will be offered her rose and she'll happily accept. When Peter calls Madi's name, she'll apparently hesitate for a moment. Despite that, she will also accept the rose.

Victoria is eliminated, leaving Hannah Ann and Madi to move on to meet Peter's family and have the final dates. After Victoria's elimination, the pre-taped Women Tell All special will begin and Victoria will be there to face some tough questions.

The two-part finale is set to air on Monday, March 9 and Tuesday, March 10. The Bachelor spoilers tease that there are plenty of difficult moments coming up during this finale and there are still quite a few unknowns regarding what happens.

Reality Steve's spoilers have revealed some juicy tidbits about drama on the horizon for Madi and Peter. It seems that this intimacy issue will come back to cause another round of uncertainty and it's not known yet whether the two will be able to resolve it in a way that works for both of them.

Will Peter find his forever love or is he destined to face heartbreak? The Bachelor spoilers tease that it's going to be a wild ride to the finish line.