Reality Steve’s ‘Bachelor’ Spoilers Break Down The Upcoming Madison Prewett, Peter Weber Intimacy Drama

Fans who have been following The Bachelor spoilers for Peter Weber’s season know that what happens in the Fantasy Suites won’t be staying in the Fantasy Suites this year. He is down to just Madison Prewett, Hannah Ann Sluss, and Victoria Fuller, and the question of intimacy will shake things up during Episode 9. Now, spoiler king Reality Steve is breaking down the scoop on what’s ahead.

Over the weekend, many of Peter’s bachelorettes gathered in Los Angeles to film the upcoming Women Tell All special. As is typical for the franchise when filming this, the audience was shown the next episode ahead of the contestants being brought to the stage. This is done so that the third-place contestant’s presence doesn’t confuse everybody.

In this case, Reality Steve’s sources detailed that the audience did see Episode 9, as well as a segment that will be shown the following week at the beginning of the Women Tell All. The episode will end with Madison and Peter hitting an emotional obstacle during dinner ahead of their overnight date. Now, The Bachelor spoilers from the WTA taping reveal how things get to this point.

The last that viewers saw, Madi called out to Peter after the rose ceremony where he eliminated Kelsey Weier. Reality Steve detailed via Twitter that the Alabama native won’t specifically tell the airline pilot that she’s a virgin. She will say that if he were to sleep with either Victoria or Hannah Ann, she’d have a hard time moving forward.

Apparently, Peter will ask questions to try to gain some clarity on what Madi is really saying. The Bachelor spoilers indicate that she’ll tell him that she’s not giving him an ultimatum. However, Reality Steve says that Madi does tell Peter that actions speak louder than words. With that, the action shifts to Australia.

It’s been revealed that Victoria, Hannah Ann, and Madi will stay in the same suite in Australia. The Bachelor spoilers from the WTA taping reveal that when Victoria is away on her date, Madi will tell Hannah Ann that she’d be upset if she learned that Peter slept with one of the others during the dates.

It seems that Hannah Ann will later note that this surprised her and she’ll admit that she doesn’t believe this is fair to Peter. She’ll also say she thinks they all know what they signed up for in doing this show.

The intimacy topic also arises between Victoria and Madi when Hannah Ann is on her date with Peter. Reality Steve has teased that Madi will tell Victoria that she’s saving herself for marriage. Victoria will also share separately that she doesn’t think this is fair to Peter.

Earlier on, Reality Steve was under the impression that this shared suite situation was the reason that Madi learned of Peter’s intimacy with one of the other ladies. Apparently, this isn’t exactly the case.

“Madison DIDN’T find out from Hannah Ann & Victoria first that Peter was intimate with them. I’m pretty sure she suspected it based on their reactions to her telling them she was saving herself, but wasn’t specifically told by them,” he explained on Twitter.

This all leads to the emotional dinner portion of Madi and Peter’s date. Reality Steve’s spoilers for The Bachelor indicate that this is when she will specifically tell Peter she’s saving herself for marriage. She’ll then tell him that she wouldn’t be able to get engaged to him if she learned he’d slept with one of the other two.

Peter will ask if she’d really throw away what they have if he had been intimate with the others. The Bachelor spoilers reveal that she’ll tell him that she feels uncomfortable asking, but she’ll tell him that she also needs to know for her own sake. He will say he doesn’t want to provide details, but that he won’t lie to her. He will tell her that he has been intimate with someone else.

This is where the big sneak peek showing Madi walking away from the table comes into play. Shortly after that, Monday’s episode wraps.

Peter has strong feelings for all three remaining women heading into these overnights. However, he has made it pretty clear that he is really falling for Madi, in particular.

Will this intimacy issue be too much for The Bachelor pair to navigate? Spoilers tease that this topic will be something of a black cloud hanging over Peter for the rest of the season, and everybody is anxious to see how things end.

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