‘Angry Birds Star Wars’: New Content Includes Boba Fett

Angry Birds Star Wars is about to get some cool new content. Boba Fett and the Cloud City are heading your way.

Angry Birds has been almost an icon of mobile gaming since its release, with its simple-to-pick-up gameplay and the way it challenges you to try one more time to get a higher score for the coveted three star rating. And in some games, Angry Birds gives you a hidden item that if you collect them all for that series of levels, you unlock a level that’s just brimming with awesome.

Angry Birds Rio was a great example of how the franchise could get better, including a movie tie-in that actually works (amazing!) and the aforementioned collectibles. If you find all of the golden fruit in a series of levels, you unlock a bonus level. This is in addition to the levels you can unlock by scoring all three stars on each level. This game even gave us boss fights that worked extremely well.

Angry Birds Seasons is one of those games that just seems to keep giving us more. As expected, with the real seasons going by, the game updates and gives us new levels. So far it’s up to two years and building the third.

Angry Birds Space gave us something we’d never seen before in an Angry Birds title. For the first time, we had to compensate for gravity fields to beat the levels, and it worked well. Sometimes if you hit a piece of space debris just right it started on a path to a level-winning chain reaction.

The latest Angry Birds we’ve seen is Angry Birds Star Wars, and like Rio, it gave us a movie tie-in and worked well. This time it threw in space physics, and super weapons (like the Millennium Falcon) if you felt overwhelmed.

Now Angry Birds Star Wars is giving us Boba Fett and the Cloud City of Bespin. No release date has been set, but we are being told to expect it soon.

Are you excited to see the addition of Boba Fett to Angry Birds Star Wars?

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