Spoilers From ‘General Hospital’ Weekly Sneak Peek Tease Threats From Carly To Nelle Over Jonah

Laura Wright plays Carly Corinthos on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

ABC has just shared a new weekly sneak peek filled with juicy General Hospital spoilers. Nelle is sitting in a jail cell at the PCPD after getting caught trying to sneak away with Jonah, and Carly’s got a few things to say to her nemesis during the week of February 24.

General Hospital spoilers have already noted that Carly will be seen talking to Sonny about this situation during Monday’s show. Carly and Nelle have antagonized one another for a couple of years now, but it seems there’s room for things to get even more intense.

Carly will tell Sonny she has every intention of making sure that Nelle pays for what she did — no matter what it takes. Now, the new sneak peek shares some insight into what Carly does next.

The preview shared via the show’s Twitter page reveals that Carly will visit the PCPD and manage to get some time with Nelle. As Nelle stands by the bars in her prison uniform, Carly will tell her nemesis that Nelle will never see her son again.

The voiceover in the clip teases that this will be an all-out war between Nelle and Carly, and General Hospital spoilers tease that Carly will make it clear she’s not messing around. Nelle lied and tried to pin the baby swap on Brad, but obviously Carly isn’t buying any of that tall tale.

“If the legal system doesn’t make certain of it, I will,” Carly threatens of her determination to see Michael and the baby receive justice for what Nelle orchestrated.

The caption for the preview post teases that the battle over Wiley has just begun. That certainly sounds ominous and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Michael having custody of the little boy may not end up as cut-and-dried an issue as it would seem.

According to Soap Central, Michael will soon be facing unexpected challenges. Fans know that not only will this situation with Wiley take some time to acclimate to, but there is still drama with ELQ in the works too.

The challenges ahead for Michael will probably include ELQ chaos, but now General Hospital spoilers suggest that there’s more with the Wiley situation set to wreak havoc on his life too. Willow will surprise him somehow, and it sounds as if both Sasha and Chase will be impacted by the emotional shockers connected to this Wiley revelation.

In addition, rumors hint that Nelle may not be staying in that jail cell for long. Some fans wonder if someone will kill her off soon, and there would be no shortage of suspects motivated to do the dirty deed.

Will Carly’s visit to the PCPD rattle Nelle or just compel her to get even shadier about her stories and plans to gain her freedom again? General Hospital spoilers indicate that the fallout will be intense this week and fans are ready for it.