George Washington’s Whiskey To Be Sold At Mount Vernon

george washington

Visitors to Mount Vernon will be able to buy a bottle of George Washington’s rye whiskey.

According to ABC, Washington’s estate will start selling bottles of rye whiskey made with George Washington’s own recipe. The whiskey will also be brewed at Washington’s reconstructed distillery.

Mount Vernon spokesperson Melissa Wood said: “People like having a tangible connection to the founding fathers, and any way they can connect that through food or drink, it’s an exciting element for them.”

Mount Vernon will be selling 1,100 bottles of George Washington’s whiskey starting on April 4. The bottles will sell for $95 apiece.

Wood said that this isn’t the first time that Mount Vernon has recreated the president’s whiskey. This batch will be the fourth time that the staff at Mount Vernon has used Washington’s recipe to distil whiskey.

Wood said: “We’re primarily an educational site, so we hope that our visitors will get a sense of George Washington the entrepreneur… What we know right now is that the distillery was probably the largest in 18th century America that we know of. Most people think of him as that man on the dollar bill and hopefully this will shed a new and exciting light on George Washington.”

Would you want to taste the president’s whiskey? According to Death & Taxes, history buffs may appreciate the alcohol but whiskey aficionados probably want to steer clear.

The whiskey has been described as a “very bad rye whiskey,” having a “very sharp taste,” and “rotgut at best.”