President Donald Trump Claims No One Told Him Russians Were Helping Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Las Vegas One Day Before NV Caucuses
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With the results for the Democratic primary in Nevada rolling in, President Donald Trump decided to weigh in. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is expected to win the Nevada caucus and while his supporters are certainly happy to see him get out to a commanding lead in the delegates, reports that Russia might be helping his campaign recently surfaced.

Those reports have cast doubt on how legitimate the success truly is, though it hasn’t yet been made clear just what kind of aid is being given to the Sanders campaign. On Saturday night, it appears President Trump cast a bit of doubt on whether or not Russia’s help is real.

Trump posted a quote from Fox News reporter Jon Scott on Twitter that said, “the Kremlin is reportedly backing Bernie Sanders bid to win the White House,” before adding “why didn’t someone tell me this?”

It’s not entirely clear whether Trump was making a joke about the accusations against the Democratic Presidential candidate, or whether the President was really claiming his own intelligence officials hadn’t given him a briefing on interference into his campaign. The added degree of difficulty is that the president does use sarcasm on the social media post, apparently unaware that tone is not all that easy to read online.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders Campaigns In Texas
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Since posting that tweet, Donald Trump hasn’t gone out of his way to explain whether or not this was a joke, or perhaps an attempt to claim the reports that Sanders was told a month ago are fabricated. The President did address the Nevada Caucuses at least one other time on Twitter, in part, telling Bernie Sanders that he shouldn’t let anyone take the win away from him.

“Looks like Crazy Bernie is doing well in the Great State of Nevada. Biden & the rest look weak, & no way Mini Mike can restart his campaign after the worst debate performance in the history of Presidential Debates. Congratulations Bernie, & don’t let them take it away from you!”

Vox reports Donald Trump was told, right along with Bernie Sanders and other members of the Democratic and Republican congressional leadership. The briefing, which came to light Friday contained classified information and it’s been said this is one of the reasons neither Sanders or anyone else in the government made the info public before now.

The Democratic presidential hopeful has gone so far as to question the motives of the story being leaked just one day before voters went to the polls.