Justin Durant Signing With Dallas Cowboys, Once Team Makes Cap Room

Justin Durant will wait for the Cowboys to make cap room, then sign with them

Former Detroit Lions’ linebacker Justin Durant has agreed to sign with the Dallas Cowboys. The deal will be official once the cash strapped Cowboys make cap room.

Justin Durant has agreed to wait for the Dallas Cowboys to make cap room. Until then he won’t sign with any other team.

The Dallas Cowboys currently have $102,000 in cap room. A possible extension to quarterback Tony Romo and pass rusher Anthony Spencer should free up some money. Dallas has been actively meeting with free agents while those deals are being worked on.

While the Cowboys free agent meetings have been described as information sessions, their meeting with Justin Durant went well enough the two sides made a verbal agreement.

Justin Durant signing with the Cowboys did not inflate the player’s ego. He thanked Detroit for his time there:

“Shout out to Detroit man I wanna thank y’all for the luv and support y’all showed me the past couple years I really appreciate it.”

Durant should start in Dallas. Over the last two years in Detroit he started 26 games. Last season he had a career high 103 tackles. Despite his performance, the Lions didn’t want to bring him back for another season. At 27-years-old Durant should only continue to get better.

Details on the contract have not yet been released. Numbers will probably not be known until the Dallas Cowboys make cap room and officially sign Durant. It’s also possible Durant could find a better offer and break off his deal with the Cowboys.

Before the Dallas Cowboys talked to Durant, he joked about working at Chic-Fil-A next season instead of playing football. Finding a new team mean’s he will avoid his worst nightmare.

It seems unlikley Justin Durant would break his verbal agreement with the Dallas Cowboys. Chances are not many teams are interested in the young linebacker. If there was more interest he probably would have been signed by now.

Is Justin Durant a good fit in Dallas?