'General Hospital' Spoilers & Speculation Tackle Questions On Trina's Family, Fans Wonder Who Her Mother Is

General Hospital fans were treated to an intriguing shocker this past week when it was revealed that Trina is Taggert's daughter. Viewers have been speculating about Trina's parents for a while now, and this revelation has prompted a new round of theories. At this point, the show has yet to reveal who Trina's mother is, and there are a few ideas being tossed around on social media.

The possibility that Trina is related to someone else on the canvas in Port Charles has been brewing for months now. Trina immediately came to mind when Aunt Stella's DNA test revealed a match to someone in town. In addition, not long ago, Trina herself told her friends that she took a DNA test for a school project and matched with someone in Port Charles.

Those tidbits prompted a lot of fan speculation that General Hospital writers were going to shake things up by having Trina turn out to be Curtis' daughter. While that could still be the case, and there were a lot of signals it would happen, this Taggert revelation seems to propel things down a different path.

If indeed Trina is legitimately Taggert's daughter, a new crop of questions arise. Probably the biggest one is regarding Trina's mother. Who is Trina's mom and is she someone already known to viewers?

As some General Hospital fans note, Trina being Taggert's daughter still leaves questions about that DNA storyline. Have writers abandoned that or is that the next chapter in revealing Trina's familial background?

"So Taggert is Trina's father but she seems to know him. So it still doesn't explain who the relative in town she matched with is," notes one General Hospital viewer.

One theory that has quickly gained steam is that Trina will turn out to be Jordan's daughter. Granted, as SheKnows Soaps notes, Curtis asked his wife if this was the case, and she insisted that Trina is not her daughter. She says that she and Taggert were never romantically involved.

Even if Taggert and Jordan are not Trina's parents, some General Hospital viewers wonder if it could turn out that Trina is the daughter of Jordan and Cyrus, with there being an elaborate story covering that up to keep her safe.

Over the months, some General Hospital fans have also tossed out the idea that Trina could be the surprise daughter of Gia Campbell and Nikolas Cassadine. It just so happens that Gia is Taggert's sister, so some wonder if the Gia and Nik option could still be in play.

"Taggert may not be Trina's bio dad. She could be Gia's daughter with either Zander or Nikolas. Or Stella maybe Taggerts bio mom and Trina's grandmother," one fan speculated.

While General Hospital fans may not know who Trina's mother is yet, many suspect that the Taggert revelation is just the beginning of an even juicier development. Could Taggert end up related to Stella, which would make him related to Curtis as well?

Is Trina's mother someone random, like old-school Dara Jensen, or a surprising person who's currently connected to the show? General Hospital spoilers don't detail when an answer will come on this mystery, but fans are certainly curious to see where this heads.