Facebook Reply Option To Make Commenting Easier

facebook reply option

A Facebook reply option has long been a missing feature from the social network, but big pages are starting to get the awesome new feature today.

The Facebook reply option involves “threaded comments,” which means that, instead of a big jumble of non-linear conversation, users can actually directly reply to comments made.

The Facebook reply option has been in testing mode since November but is now officially an opt-in feature for Facebook brands and pages.

According to Facebook + Journalists, enabling the Facebook reply option will immediately turn on nested commenting — and while it can be disabled, the feature will become universal for high-profile pages come July.

Facebook begins:

“You will be able to opt-into Replies through the Page admin panel in the Manage Permissions section where you will see a prompt to turn Replies on. Once you opt-in, you will be able to opt-out but all Pages will have the feature enabled on July 10, 2013.”

The explanation continues:

“When you opt-in, you will see the feature show up on new posts on the Page. Also, the feature will be automatically turned on for profiles with more than 10,000 followers. At launch, this feature will only be available on desktop and we plan to make it available in the Graph API and mobile in the future.”

In addition to the Facebook reply option, comments affected by the change will be reordered based on assumed relevance — taking into account factors such as number of likes and comments to weight a comment and its replies for importance.