‘General Hospital’ Monday Spoilers: Carly Speaks Her Mind, She Wants Nelle Stopped For Good

General Hospital actress Laura Wright.
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

Nelle will be feeling Carly’s wrath soon on ABC’s General Hospital. Michael’s mom is on the warpath. She is not about to let his ex get away with the huge part she played in the whole baby switch saga. On Monday, Carly tells Sonny that she wants Nelle stopped for good after what she has done to hurt so many people, including an innocent baby.

General Hospital put out a sneak peek preview showing the day after the big reveal. Michael finally has his son back after a year and a half of mourning him, and he will be waking up to his newfound fatherhood.

However, the clip has Sonny and Jason sitting in the Corinthos kitchen discussing the explosion on the pier. In walks Carly, wondering why she wasn’t told about it. The talk quickly turns to Michael and Wiley. Carly also expresses her concern for Lucas, as well as her anger towards Nelle who kept their grandson from them. She tells Sonny that she wants Nelle stopped for good.

Nelle is currently behind bars; so is Brad. On Friday’s show, Nelle accused Brad of stealing her baby from her as loudly as she could so that the officer would hear the whole conversation. She is still playing games, which may leave her with a get-out-of-jail-free card.

On Tuesday, General Hospital spoilers say that Carly will be giving someone a stern warning, and that someone is likely Nelle. She may threaten the mother of her grandson, but that certainly won’t scare Nelle too much. She appears to be fearless, even toward mobster Sonny Corinthos. What will her next move be? Will she try to book it out of town?

There are rumors floating around that Nelle will eventually be killed by someone. There are many people in this storyline who are angered and hurt by Nelle’s actions over the baby swap. Michael, Carly, Willow, Lucas, and even Brad could very well do away with her. There hasn’t been any confirmation on what Nelle’s fate will be or if she will just end up slipping out of Port Charles.

Also on Monday, The Inquisitr had detailed how Michael will be settling in being Wiley’s father now. Willow will also be trying to come to terms with the loss of her baby and all that happened. She was shocked by the news of how Brad and Nelle swapped her dead baby with Michael’s over a year ago, and that is something that she will have to work through.

General Hospital fans are glad to see the secret finally revealed, but the drama may not be over just yet. Carly’s wish that Nelle be stopped for good may actually come true.