WWE News: Superstar Opens Up About Dealing With Racism ‘Everyday,’ Discusses Health Scare

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While being a WWE superstar has its advantages, being in the public eye also attracts the wrong types of people sometimes. Naomi recently sat down with Women’s Wrestling Weekly to discuss a variety of topics, one of which was racist fans. As quoted by WrestlingNews.co, the Friday Night SmackDown superstar says it’s a common occurrence to deal with them on social media. However, she is also restricted when it comes to responding to these online trolls.

“That’s something on the regular that we deal with all the time, everyday, it’s crazy the type of negativity I get. One of things that bothered me is that people feel like they can say whatever they want, be as disrespectful as they want; and talent has no right or room to respond back or should just be quiet or take the higher road. I feel like you can state your opinion and still take the high road, you can still check people without being disrespectful…”

It’s clear that Naomi is frustrated by not being able to engage with racist social media users. However, judging by her words, it appears as if the company wants the superstars to ignore the trolls, which undoubtedly encourages them to keep being abusive without having to worry about consequences or a negative backlash.

Naomi also opened up about her decision to take time off last year. According to the superstar, she was burnt out and needed time off to bury a family member and recover from fatigue. She also revealed that she was consuming energy drinks just to get through the days, and doctors were worried that she’d need a blood transfusion due to a stomach ulcer.

For a while, however, Naomi was also worried about not receiving the call to return to action. The superstar discussed how relieved she was when she was invited back to television, and she was concerned about coming back and no one caring that she was gone for so long. Since returning at the Royal Rumble, though, she’s been warmly embraced by the WWE Universe.

During the conversation, she also discussed her relationship with husband Jimmy Uso, who also had to take time off from the company in 2019 due to legal troubles. Naomi revealed that with them being around each other so much, as a result of working and living together, their arguments don’t last long because they don’t want to spend their days feuding.