‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers Weekly Video Preview: Victoria Isn’t Getting Better

Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman) during an Actor Panel on the Y&R set.
Cliff Lipson / CBS

A stunning new The Young and the Restless video preview for the week of February 24 through 28 reveals that Victoria Newman is not getting better, and her mother Nikki struggles mightily with what that might mean for the future.

Ripley Turner (Christian Keyes) stabbed Victoria (Amelia Heinle) during the gala that Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) put together to honor Newman Enterprises and her husband Victor (Eric Braeden). Ripley mistook Victoria for his ex-fiance Amanda (Mishael Morgan) and was jealous after seeing her talking to Billy (Jason Thompson). Because it happened in a dark photo gallery, Ripley did not realize that Amanda had stepped away and it was actually Victoria who was talking to Billy.

Victoria made it through surgery, but Nate (Sean Dominic) put her into a medically induced coma to give her the best possible chance for recovery. Unfortunately for Victoria and her family and friends, she is not getting any better when she should be. Nikki is beside herself with worry. She even yells out that nothing about the situation is okay, and she insists that Victor and everybody else stop telling her that everything will be okay since they can’t possibly know that.

Although Victor blames Billy for what happened, he somehow manages to get in to see the mother of his children. Recently, Billy decided to leave Victoria because he felt restless and believed she wanted him to change too much. He wanted to be accepted for who he is without having to work on himself, and he found a confidant in Amanda. She understood him, and although they didn’t cheat physically, the two developed an emotional bond.

Now Victoria is fighting for her life, and it is not surprising that Billy feels terrible about the whole situation, especially since Amanda’s ex-fiance is the one who stabbed her. Victoria’s family blames Billy’s supposed affair with Amanda for the stabbing. Of course, nobody could have predicted that Ripley would stab anybody — much less Victoria. However, that doesn’t stop them from pointing fingers, and it doesn’t stop Billy from feeling incredibly guilty.

Billy can only sit beside Victoria’s hospital bed as she fights for her life. He sobs, wishing that things were different. Plus, he also has to be the one who tells their children that their mother is hurt, and they can’t see her right now, which isn’t easy on him either.

For now, things with Victoria are touch-and-go, and her family waits in agony to find out if she will pull through.