WWE News: Big Update On The Return Of Cain Velasquez From Injury

After a big-time debut, the former UFC star has completely disappeared from WWE.

Cain Velasquez stares down his opponent.

After a big-time debut, the former UFC star has completely disappeared from WWE.

When WWE made its official debut on FOX with Friday Night SmackDown, Cain Velasquez was a surprise addition — one that many fans thought would be a game-changer. After years of feuding in UFC, he would now be able to face off against Brock Lesnar once again. However, his match with Lesnar didn’t go so well. Velasquez has now been out of action for months due to an injury, but there is finally some news on his possible return — and information as to how things are going with his recovery.

It was a huge surprise for fans to see Velasquez on WWE television, any many members of the WWE universe were excited. Velasquez was there to challenge Lesnar, which he ended up doing in a match at Crown Jewel in October of last year.

The match between the bitter enemies lasted only a few minutes before Lesnar forced Velasquez to submit, forcing the latter competitor into a loss in his first match. Weeks went by before fans saw Velasquez again, but he finally wrestled at an event in Mexico — one which brought about his first win in WWE, per eWrestling.

Velasquez signed with WWE knowing that he was having knee problems which would likely require work sooner rather than later. After having a scope done on his knee, things have been relatively quiet on his return. However, Wrestling Inc. reports that he’s coming back sooner than expected.

Cain Velasquez and Brock Lesnar fight on the mat

Velasquez was recently spotted at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, where he was seen “getting in reps” and training. It’s not yet known when his next match will be, but news of his work in the gym seems promising for fans.

As of now, Velasquez is expected to be at the Performance Center for at least the next two weeks as he works out and strengthens his body. If things go well, it wouldn’t be out of the question for him to be ready for a match at WrestleMania 36 in early April, but that may be pushing it.

Wrestling Observer, by way of Ringside News, reported that Velasquez was actually going to be in the men’s match at last month’s Royal Rumble. Obviously, that didn’t end up happening. In fact, not only was he not in the match, but he wasn’t even mentioned during the telecast of the pay-per-view.

Brock Lesnar is feuding with Drew McIntyre over the WWE Championship in advance of WrestleMania 36. If Cain Velasquez ends up returning to the ring soon, he won’t be involved in anything with his old foe from UFC.