Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Lucas & Sonny Have Questions As The Truth About Wiley Spreads

Emotions will be running high during Friday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers suggest that much of the show will focus on the ongoing fallout from the baby swap reveal, as many in Port Charles try to understand what happened and figure out what comes next. The sneak peek for the February 21 episode shows that Lucas will get emotional, Sonny will want answers, and Julian will start to spread the word.

Michael and Chase rushed to get to Willow and Wiley after learning the truth and learning that Nelle knew where the toddler was. Michael reunited with his son for the first time since learning he was really “Jonah,” and Chase whisked Willow to the hospital.

Sadly, General Hospital spoilers hint that Chase will tell Willow about what happened and she’ll be thoroughly inconsolable. Given what this baby swap news means for her, Willow will understandably be one of the most heartbroken people in Port Charles now that the truth is out. However, Lucas will certainly struggle a great deal as well.

The sneak peek for Friday’s episode shows Lucas bending down to get on Wiley’s level. He’ll note that he wonders what happens now as Carly looks down lovingly on her brother and grandson.

Given the fact that Lucas is the one who remembered Brad’s confession and dropped the bombshell, it certainly doesn’t seem that he’ll try to block Michael from gaining custody of the little boy. However, Lucas does have a lot to figure out now that he’s learned his husband betrayed him and his son isn’t really his son. On top of that, General Hospital spoilers tease that he may learn about Julian’s involvement soon.

Sonny wasted no time in getting to Michael once he heard what happened, and General Hospital spoilers note that he’ll have a lot of questions. For starters, Sonny will wonder how Brad got his hands on Michael’s son. Michael and Sasha are there, and Michael will probably do his best to fill Sonny in on what he’s learned.

Julian will meet up with Ava during Friday’s show too. He’ll tell her that Wiley isn’t Willow’s son, and Ava will be stunned by the news. While Julian has known this for months now, Ava had no idea and she’ll seemingly feel sad for everybody involved, even though she’s not particularly close to any of them.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Michael will be successful in some way during the February 21 show. That likely means that he’ll be successful in keeping Wiley with him for now. Both Nelle and Brad are in jail for the moment, and while Nelle will surely fight for the boy when and if she’s released, for now, she can’t do much to keep Wiley and Michael apart.

General Hospital spoilers for the next few weeks indicate that everybody will continue to struggle with what this bombshell revelation means. Both Nelle and Brad will be trying to convince people their version of events is accurate, and Willow will have a difficult time accepting the truth.

Chase will be anxious to support Willow, and Michael will try to figure out what happens going forward. People may finally know that the little boy is Michael and Nelle’s son, but General Hospital spoilers tease that there is still plenty of drama ahead with this storyline.

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