Kansas City Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy Reportedly Pulls Himself Out Of Colorado Coaching Search

Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy has reportedly removed himself from the University of Colorado’s ongoing search for a new head coach. The report surfaced earlier Wednesday amid some other changes in just who is the top candidate for the Buffaloes job.

Colorado-area ABC News reporter Troy Renck announced on Twitter he had been told by multiple sources the Super Bowl winner has decided to stay in the NFL. Bieniemy, according to Renck, is going to be one of the leading candidates for an NFL head coaching job and that appears to be the main reason he pulled his name.

Earlier this week, The Inquisitr reported there were rumbles CU wanted to try and draw their coaching search to a close by the end of Wednesday. It’s possible Bieniemy was offered the position and was put in a position where he had to turn it down. Reports are clear it wasn’t Colorado that decided to move on from the Chiefs offensive coordinator.

If the Buffaloes were close to getting their man, it appears his decision has thrown things into a state of flux. Renck added that Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun and Alabama offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian are in the mix. The latter has previous head coaching experience with USC, though his exit from the Trojans is considered among the ugliest in recent college football memory.

Eric Bieniemy prepares for a game with the Kansas City Chiefs

Renck later reported on Twitter that former Arkansas and Wisconsin Badgers head coach Bret Bielema is also still very much a candidate for the job. What was once rumored to be a two-man race when Bieniemy was the frontrunner has expanded with Colorado’s purported No. 1 target out of the picture.

As Larry Brown Sports pointed out, CU is running into the same situation Michigan State did when they had to fill their opening. There simply aren’t that many people who are wanting to move and start over this time of year. The Buffaloes are in this situation and had gone hard after Bieniemy because the Spartans hired away Mel Tucker. MSU had to offer a contract that most in the college football world have called an overpay in order to do it.

Barring a Tucker-like offer and change of heart, Bieniemy will officially stay with the Kansas City Chiefs and help prepare them for the defense of their NFL championship. Should the team have the same kind of success it did the last two years, Andy Reid’s top lieutenant will likely be among the first picks for any team with an opening after the 2020 season.