Minnesota Vikings Rumors: Stefon Diggs Social Media Purge Could Point To A Move

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Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs made some changes on his social media accounts that have led people in and around the NFL to believe he might be on the move. Specifically, Diggs deleted all references to his team on his personal Instagram account. This kind of purging is something that professional athletes have done before, and it has meant they were either asking to be off their current team or heard they were being shopped.

In the case of Diggs, there are reports and rumors that the Minnesota Vikings are looking to make a deal. The Viking Age reports rumors have reached talk radio, where Colin Cowherd claimed he had been told the team wanted to trade Diggs before the new season begins. Despite posting some very good numbers for the Vikings in 2019, the site also pointed out that it was rather obvious Stefon Diggs wasn’t happy in the purple and gold.

That unhappiness manifested a couple of times during the regular season, but it was most obvious after a Week 4 loss to the Chicago Bears. The wide receiver skipped a day of practice after the defeat, claiming he had a bad cold. The Vikings didn’t buy the excuse and fined him $200,000. Since then, the relationship has reportedly only gotten worse.

Stefon Diggs makes a catch for the Minnesota Vikings
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This week, it appears Diggs believes the relationship is coming to an end. It’s unclear whether the Minnesota Vikings player believes that because he’s been told something, or heard reports similar to what Cowherd was talking about on Tuesday. His removal of Minnesota references from his Instagram account isn’t the only hint Diggs gave there might be something coming down the pike.

On Sunday, the player started posting messages on Twitter that could be interpreted as hinting something was up when paired with the trade rumors and the Instagram purge.

“I fell back a hundred times when I don’t get the credit… seen this movie a hundred times I know where it’s headed.”

Several of his followers believed this was a message about his moving on. One Twitter user told him that while he used to be a fan, he was getting tired of the cryptic messages. Other users started guessing about what team he could end up with.

A few hours later, he posted another tweet many users took to be a hint he was moving on, talking about always having an ace up his sleeve for “whatever is dealt.” Should the Minnesota Vikings decide to deal Stefon Diggs, teams like the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots have reportedly been in the market. If there is a move coming, it appears the receiver feels it’s coming soon.