Glenn Greenwald Highlights ‘Insulting, Ugly’ Attacks From Elizabeth Warren Supporters

Andrew Burton / Drew AngererGetty Images

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren recently criticized the behavior of Bernie Sanders‘ supporters and said she believes the candidates are responsible for the actions of their supporters. In response, journalist Glenn Greenwald slammed Warren’s suggestion and highlighted the attacks he has faced and observed coming from her supporters.

“I’m going to post the insulting, ugly tweets sent to me by Warren supporters over the last few weeks & demand a personal apology from the Senator (the first woman of color on Harvard Law’s faculty) given she’s personally responsible for those tweets, according to her standard,” he tweeted.

Greenwald highlighted a blog written by journalist Xeni Jardin in which she says she hopes Greenwald dies in prison. The blog was a response to the recent cybercrime charges Greenwald faced from the Brazilian government, which The Intercept reports were later dismissed.

The 52-year-old author noted another tweet from Warren supporter Saira Rao, who Greenwald says Warren’s campaign has “touted as a prominent and important supporter.”

Greenwald also spotlighted a tweet by a Twitter user who claimed that Warren’s supporters have harassed her more than conservatives and supporters of Donald Trump ever have.

“This game of elevating mean tweets of random supporters into some profound and important election issue is one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever seen, and it’s the 2nd election in a row it’s happening.”

According to Greenwald, only people in television studios and think tanks are focusing on such attacks as a serious election issue.

Journalist Michael Tracey appeared to agree with Greenwald in regard to Warren’s suggestion, claiming that she implies that she can be held to any of her supporters’ behavior.

“This is desperate and pathetic,” he tweeted.

As Warren continues to decline in the polls, she has been critical of Sanders’ frontrunner campaign. Per Business Insider, she recently spoke with NBC News at the Cardenas Market in Las Vegas and criticized the behavior of Sanders’ supporters, in particular their alleged attacks on Culinary Workers Union Local 226.

In an interview with PBS News Hour, Sanders’ disavowed the attacks and said than anyone making personal attacks on others is “not part of” his movement.

A recent NPR/PBS News Hour/Marist poll released Thursday shows Sanders in first place with 31 percent support, which is the first time a Democratic presidential candidate has hit 30 percent in a national poll. As for Warren, she received 12 percent support, a dip of five points since the December iteration of the survey.