Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’ Reveal A Massive Battle Between Willow & Nelle Is On The Way

Valerie DurantABC

Fans already have big expectations for the General Hospital episodes set to air this week, but spoilers from a new sneak peek just revealed an additional bit of drama that will generate a lot of buzz. Willow and Nelle have made it clear they do not like one another at all, but things are about to get intense and physical.

The new sneak peek shared via Twitter on Tuesday morning shows a jaw-dropping interaction between Willow and Nelle. The last that viewers saw of these two ladies, Nelle was basking in the aftermath of the deal she made with Valentin. Willow, on the other hand, was bracing herself to say goodbye to Wiley and was feeling somewhat reassured after her talk with Lucas.

At some point soon, however, Nelle and Willow will cross paths again, and things quickly move beyond back-and-forth snarky comments.

Early on in the new sneak peek, Nelle is shown talking with Brad and Michael. She will say that she is “all ears,” and Brad looks anxious as Michael appears to be suspicious. This seems like it will probably be a tense conversation as Nelle may purposefully taunt Brad about Jonah while saying just enough for him to get her meaning while leaving Michael in the dark.

Shortly after that in the clip, Nelle is seen at Willow and Chase’s place. General Hospital spoilers don’t yet reveal why Nelle heads over there or why this interaction gets so intense. However, viewers are about to see a side of Willow they’ve never seen before.

As Nelle is standing just inside the door, she hauls off and slaps Willow with all her might. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Willow won’t just cower and let Nelle run all over her.

Willow will grab Nelle, shove her, and scream at her to get out. The clip hints that Nelle will make another feisty move before this ends, and fans will be anxious to see which woman comes out on top in this battle.

Right now, General Hospital spoilers don’t reveal when this Willow and Nelle fight happens. According to SheKnows Soaps, Nelle will quietly exit someplace during Wednesday’s show. It seems possible that this exit comes before she heads to Willow and Chase’s place, but additional teasers indicate that this discreet exit isn’t Nelle leaving town quite yet.

What prompts this intense battle between Willow and Nelle? Will Willow know about Wiley really being Jonah at this point, or does this come before that bombshell drops? General Hospital spoilers promise that this is a week fans will not want to miss, with viewers anxiously rooting for Willow to come out on top in this fight with Nelle.