‘This Is Us’ Fans Divided Over Toby & Kate’s Future In New Instagram Share

Jeff LipskyNBC

Fans of This Is Us appear divided over what may happen with characters Toby and Kate, as viewers react to a new Instagram share on the series’ social media site that shows the couple discussing their future.

The pair, who have endured a difficult adjustment in their personal relationship as they deal with their son Jack’s blindness, have weathered even more difficulties this season as they drift further apart, both emotionally and physically.

In anticipation of tonight’s episode, titled “The Cabin,” where Kate’s story concludes and the series moves forward into present-day struggles for the big three, the show shared a video to Instagram of Toby and Kate from an episode that aired one week ago.

In the scene, Kate stood up to her husband and asked him if he could be the man their family needs moving forward.

“I want to,” is Toby’s response.

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Fans appear divided regarding Toby and Kate’s storyline, one that appeared to be full of hope and promise for the past four seasons but has since morphed into one filled with secrets and lies.

While many fans have remarked in the comments section of the post that the show is accurately representing the struggles some couples endure when they are parenting a disabled child, others believe that Toby’s response to the family’s struggle is upsetting and unforgivable.

“Did he at all ask his wife to go to the gym with him? I mean, after all, they did decide earlier to lose the weight together, but yet I don’t remember him inviting her to go with him. But he did sneak to the gym. Telling her he was going somewhere else. And he acts like he wants a perfect son,” remarked one person of the storyline.

“I’m concerned about them. But I like that they’re openly discussing this and not avoiding the issue,” said a second viewer.

“Step it up, Toby! Stop feeling sorry for yourself! Your son and wife need you to be involved in YOUR family!” noted a third fan of the series.

This week’s episode of This Is Us will continue to delve into the present-day insecurities that Kate struggles with by looking back on one of the factors that led to the feelings she currently experiences. It will also further drive home the strong bond Kate and her mother share.

“The Cabin” will feature Kate, Randall, and Kevin heading to the place where the family convened with mother Rebecca and their late father, Jack, when they were growing up.

All three of the Pearson siblings will face some hard truths during this episode in a series of present-day situations and flashback scenes in which a concerned Rebecca arrives with Randall and Kevin to rescue Kate from her verbally abusive boyfriend, Marc.