‘Pump Rules’ Star Jax Taylor Confirms He Will Never Divorce Brittany Cartwright, Even If They’re ‘Miserable’

Charles SykesBravo

Jax Taylor claims he and Brittany Cartwright are never, ever getting divorced.

During an interview on the Bravo Insider last week, the Vanderpump Rules cast member confirmed that when it comes to saying, “I do,” he and Cartwright are in it for the long haul no matter what.

“I don’t believe in divorce. Nobody in my family is divorced. There’s no… I just don’t believe in it,” he explained.

According to Taylor, he believes divorce is a cop-out and added that those who go through it should have never been married, to begin with. He also said that in today’s world, a lot of people get married for the sport of it and don’t actually plan to stick it out, for better or for worse.

“I’m Catholic. She’s Christian. We just don’t believe in it. Even if we are utterly, utterly miserable, we will still be together,” Taylor explained.

Although Taylor and Cartwright have faced a number of rumors in the months since their June 2019 wedding in Kentucky, he and Cartwright have continued to shoot those reports down and now, with his latest statements, Taylor has further confirmed that a split will simply never happen between him and his wife.

As for why he puts so much value in the longevity of his relationship, Taylor said he learned how to be married, and stay married, from his late father, Ronald Cauchi.

Prior to his passing in late 2017, Taylor’s father was married to Taylor’s mother for more than 40 years.

Speaking of their marriage, Taylor said his mom and dad had a good relationship until Cauchi’s final years.

“I watched my dad growing up and how he treated my mother and I think he had a great marriage up until the end. I think the last couple of years, I think it just fizzled. That’s a long time to be married,” he explained.

Taylor then said that when it comes to making a marriage work forever, he may not know as much as he thinks he does at this stage in his life.

“I can say, ‘Well I’m never doing that.’ I’ve been married less than a year. Talk to me in 40 years!” he laughed.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Taylor and Cartwright are hoping to start a family together soon but are currently waiting until Stassi Schroeder and Lala Kent’s weddings get closer so that Cartwright doesn’t miss either of the events.