Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle Faces Questions & Negativity As Lucas Has More Flashbacks

Gregg DeGuireGetty Images

Spoilers indicate that Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital will contain plenty of Wiley/Jonah-related chaos. The truth is going to come out this week, and it appears that the show airing on February 18 will either contain that bombshell dropping or set the stage for it happening later in the week.

The sneak peek for this week has promised that people will learn that Wiley is really Jonah and that Lucas will remember Brad’s confession. According to SheKnows Soaps, Lucas will be struggling during Tuesday’s show as he gets hit with more flashbacks from those key moments right before the accident.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that the big revelation that Wiley is Jonah will come back to Lucas while he is surrounded by family at a welcome-home party. Other teasers from the sneak peek for Tuesday’s show hint that ahead of this gathering, some of Lucas’ loved ones will have unpleasant encounters with Nelle.

In the preview for the February 18 show, Sam crosses paths with Nelle. The two were briefly cellmates at Pentonville and Sam found Nelle to be wholly annoying during that brief rooming experience. Nelle seemed to get great joy from getting under Sam’s skin and the spoilers tease that she may do the same during this encounter.

Sam will raise her eyebrows during this upcoming encounter and ask Nelle if she’s going somewhere. As everybody saw during Monday’s show, Nelle made a deal with Valentin to sell her ELQ shares, and she received a plane ticket and a new passport from him, along with a sizeable check.

Nelle indeed is planning to go somewhere, and she intends to take Jonah with her. However, she has to get the little boy in her arms first, and that will be no easy task. Of course, she isn’t going to tip her hand to Sam, so it seems likely she’ll provide a snarky reply of some sort.

Not only will Sam exchange terse words with Nelle during Tuesday’s episode, but it appears as if Carly might too. In the sneak peek, she is seen angrily telling somebody that they aren’t welcome there. It’s not known for certain that it’s Nelle whom Carly is snarking at, but it seems likely considering how much she dislikes her.

Fans know that Nelle is already thoroughly determined to take Jonah and leave Port Charles. Some might guess that these interactions with the two other women will serve to solidify her dedication to making this happen. She wants her son and she wants to keep him far away from Michael, and sticking it to other family members of Michael’s is essentially a bonus.

Will Nelle be successful? It seems unlikely, especially since Michael will know that Wiley is really his son Jonah very soon. General Hospital spoilers tease that the battle ahead will be fierce and heartbreaking, and fans should get a good sense of what’s on the way as Tuesday’s episode airs.