Monday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Brando Is Being Cooperative, But Dev Is Still Worried

General Hospital star Ashton Arbab.
Valerie Durant / ABC Press

There have been plenty of secrets on ABC’s General Hospital and Sonny lying about Dev’s real identity is one of them. Now that Brando — Dev’s pretend dad — has arrived in Port Charles, the Corinthos family has been scrambling to make sure the boy’s cover isn’t blown. Brando is expected to go along with the charade, but Dev isn’t too sure how long that will last.

In a new preview clip for Monday’s General Hospital, Brando Corbin is seen meeting with Lulu. She wants to write up a story about the waterfront shooting that happened recently. Brando was shot when he saved Carly’s life, but he doesn’t seem to want much attention brought to him or Dev. He tells Lulu that he doesn’t want her to print the story. He doesn’t say exactly why in the preview, but it’s likely that he doesn’t want any more attention brought to him or Dev since they are really not father and son.

Carly had explained to Brando why Sonny went out of his way for Dev, and he appeared to understand. He is willing to play along to keep the secret as well. When Sonny concocted the story about Dev being Gladys’ grandson, everyone thought that Brando was dead, so it seemed like the perfect setup. Now that he is really alive and in Port Charles, things have become a little more complicated.

More General Hospital previews reveal that Brando goes to Sonny to learn all he needs to know so that he won’t blow their cover. It sounds like he is pretty serious about keeping quiet, but Dev isn’t quite so sure that it’s going to work in his favor. He will go to Sonny to tell him that he needs to leave Port Charles now that Brando is in town. He doesn’t seem to think that his fake dad will keep his secret for very long.

However, Sonny believes that he has everything under control. He tells Dev that he has nothing to worry about as Brando will stay quiet for as long as Sonny tells him to.

Carly has been suspicious that Brando was right there when the shooting happened. There could possibly be something more to this guy than what he is letting on. As The Inquisitr had previously detailed, the mob war is just getting started, and Cyrus Renault seems to be the one trying to take over Sonny’s territory.

Brando was right in the middle of it all, which makes it look mighty curious as to why he was there at Sonny’s warehouse when the chaos began. General Hospital fans have been wondering if he is really a nice guy, or if he and his mother are working together for some reason.