Donald Trump Reportedly Raged At Aides Because His Enemies Aren’t Being Prosecuted

A new report from The Washington Post reveals that tensions between the Justice Department and the White House have been worsening over recent months, and the situation came to a head when Donald Trump reportedly raged at his aides because his political enemies, such as James Comey, weren’t been prosecuted.

Per the Post story, Trump has reportedly become increasingly angry with the Justice Department because it won’t carry out his requests. The president has reportedly complained to FBI Director Christopher A. Wray for not doing enough to get rid of people within the department who are “disloyal” to him. He was also upset that Wray hasn’t changed policies at his request.

Trump has been open about his belief that Comey should be prosecuted for crimes related to the investigation into Russian interference in the U.S. election. The president claims that Comey mishandled memos related to the investigation.

But while Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz pointed out the handling of the memos, lawyers declined to take on the case because it didn’t appear to be a clear violation of the law.

“That sent Trump into a rage, according to people briefed on his comments. He complained so loudly and swore so frequently in the Oval Office that some of his aides discussed it for days,” the Post reports.

“Can you [expletive] believe they didn’t charge him?” Trump reportedly raged.

Trump was apparently also upset after former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn declined to charge Hillary Clinton in the Justice Department probe against her. Things were made worse when U.S. Attorney John Huber investigated the situation and came up without any charges.

People familiar with the situation said that this angered the president.

“These people said that while the public debate in recent days has focused on leniency for Stone, the president is more upset that the Justice Department has not been tougher on his perceived enemies,” the report said.

Trump’s anger has been aimed lately on a new target, according to the report.

“The president’s anger has focused increasingly on Jessie Liu, the former U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, whose office has been handling many of the cases related to Comey and other former FBI officials,” the Post reports.

The news comes after Attorney General William Barr openly criticized Trump for tweeting about Justice Department cases, making his job “impossible.” While some cheered Barr for attempting to draw a line between the Oval Office and the Justice Department, as The Inquisitr previously reported, others aren’t so sure about Barr’s motivations. Critics say that Barr and Trump’s relationship appears to undermine the independence of the department.