Carrie Underwood's Son Isaiah Thinks Her Job Is Doing Laundry And That She's Really Good At It

Treva Bowdoin

Carrie Underwood's oldest son, 4-year-old Isaiah Michael Fisher, just revealed that his mom works really hard to keep his clothes clean. Apparently, the "Dirty Laundry" singer does so much laundry that he thinks it's her full-time job.

On Thursday, Carrie took to Instagram to share the results of a questionnaire that Isaiah responded to, presumably for school. While his 36-year-old mother might be one of the most famous country singers in the world, Isaiah's job description for her was listed as "wash the laundry."

At least the little boy believes that Carrie has a real talent for what he thinks she does for a living. When Isaiah was asked to name something that his mom is "really good at," he said that she is a pro at "folding clothes." The little boy also had to guess her age, which he hilariously listed as 70-years-old.

Isaiah has noticed that Carrie is a healthy eater, listing a food that she likes to eat as "salad." Perhaps this explains his answer to a question about what he would give his mom if he could buy her any gift. According to the thoughtful preschooler, he would purchase a "cake" for Carrie.

Isaiah shared his belief that his mother would like to spend her free time riding horses, and he said that something he and Carrie enjoys doing together is watching TV.

The boy's responses also revealed that his mother makes sure to let him know how much she cares about him. He was asked to list something that she always says, and his answer was, "I love you."

"So the rest of the world, you're global country superstar Carrie Underwood. To Isaiah, you're the bedtime storyteller and the one who keeps him in clean clothes. This is precious because he sees you for you," read one response to Carrie's post.

"Damn you look amazing for 70!!" quipped another commenter.

"But he wants to buy you a cake! You raised that boy right!" a third admirer wrote.

"I love his innocent responses, and how oblivious he is to what a superstar you are to so many! Our kids definitely keep us in check! Very cute!!" a fourth fan remarked.