Michele Bachmann Facing Ethics Investigation For Presidential Campaign Funds

Michele Bachmann is under investigation for possible finance violations related to her brief and unsuccessful run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012.

A report from the Daily Beast noted that federal investigators are looking into whether she improperly handled campaign funds, and are interviewing Bachmann’s former staffers.

One of those who confirmed the investigation is Peter Waldron, a former staffer for Bachmann who has accused the Minnesota Republican of improper payments and pay-to-play politics.

“I have been interviewed by investigators,” says Peter Waldron, who did not give specifics but noted that “investigators came [and] interviewed me and are interviewing other staff members across the country.”

Waldron filed a complaint with federal officials accusing Bachmann’s presidential campaign and her PAC, MichelePAC, of finance violations.

William McGinley, Michele Bachmann’s campaign counsel, said the congresswoman herself is not being accused of inappropriate conduct.

“There are no allegations that the Congresswoman engaged in any wrongdoing,” McGinley said.

Democrats seem to be jumping at the chance to take on Michele Bachmann in light of her ethics investigation. Jim Graves, who nearly defeated Bachmann in the 2012 race, said he might be up to run again, the Star Tribune reported

“We will make decisions in 2014 based on Jim Graves’ success in 2012,” Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) said. “He proved that he could come close, and so we do anticipate working very closely with him, should he announce.”

It seems to be a bad week for Michele Bachmann. Aside from her ethics investigation, the congresswoman also had an embarrassing incident with a CNN reporter earlier in the week. When reporter Dana Bash tried to press Bachmann on questionable claims she made at the CPAC Conference, Bachmann ignored the questions and then took off running. The claims centered on the idea that President Obama is leading an opulent life in the White House, with a paid dog walker for Bo Obama. That claim turned out to be false.

Michele Bachmann Facing Ethics Investigation For Presidential Campaign Funds