‘Bioshock Infinite’: Ultra Hard Mode Available With Cheat

'Bioshock Infinite' 1999 Mode available with cheat

BioShock Infinite‘s ultra hard mode is available from the start, but you have to cheat to get it.

It was originally thought that you had to play through the entire game to unlock BioShock Inifinite on the ultra hard mode (or 1999 Mode), but there was a cheat discovered that will let you access it without completing the game.

The creator of BioShock Infinite, Ken Levine, initially promised the game’s ultra hard mode would not be available using the exact code that unlocks it.

Before we give you the code, though, here’s a rundown of the history of BioShock.

Initially dubbed the underwater Silent Hill, BioShock promised a new genre of horror game. It promoted a new kind of villain in the Big Daddy, sort of a Juggernaut type with a diver suit and a big drill for a hand.

The Big Daddy is the guardian of the Little Sisters, a creepy bunch of small girls with demonic voices that you can either save or harvest. Harvesting earns you more “Adam”, but the ending isn’t as satisfying (debatably). Little Sisters are known to call the Big Daddy “Mr. Bubbles,” sort of the exact opposite of what you expect after fighting one.

BioShock was full of ironic humor, right down to the creepy things you heard off-screen when there was a Splicer nearby.

The original game was based loosely on the novel Atlas Shrugged, as it delivers what was intended as a utopian environment where artists and scientists could do what they wanted without fear of consequence. That intention turned it into a nightmare where people were experimented on in gruesome ways, and somehow coffee was safe to drink straight out of a trash can.

BioShock 2 put the player in control of a Big Daddy, except this time you were more agile and you had three options with the Little Sisters; harvest, save, or escort. Yes, BioShock 2 let you decide if you want to play an escort mission.

Now we have BioShock Infinite, and critics love it. And you can unlock the ultra difficult 1999 Mode by using the classic Konami Code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, cancel, and confirm). You probably skipped reading the rest to get down here, too.

Are you excited to play BioShock Infinite in its ultra hard mode right from the start?