Fergie’s ‘Baby Bump’ Matched By Best Husband Ever [Adorbs]

Fergie’s baby bump was one of the more attention-attracting things at the Nick Kids’ Choice Awards, and the Black Eyed Peas singer donned a unique, aquarium printed dress while getting oohs and ahhs from Katy Perry and Selena Gomez.

Pregnancy can be a fashion challenge for some women, and Fergie’s baby bump style is a new endeavor for the first time mom.

But luckily for the singer, her husband is supportive and has a great sense of humor. During the ceremony, Stacy Ferguson donned a tan minidress with a black dot pattern, a very stylish and modern bit of maternity fashion.

Not to be outdone, hubby Josh Duhamel sported an identical piece, down to Fergie’s baby bump — who wore it better?

Duhamel posted this pic to Facebook Sunday with the caption, “Have I no shame? — with Fergie.”

And while Fergie’s baby bump gets mega designer attention, it also seems lots of women forced to be content with mass retailer maternity wear vastly appreciated Duhamel’s gesture of solidarity. In just 22 hours, the pic has more than 30,000 likes and over 800 shares, and fans commented on the pic:


“apparently not! LMAO – loved it!!”

“Hmmmm, nice legs.”

“Fergie is so lucky to have a husband with a awesome personality!”

“You’ll be a great dad if you can look like that & not care. Just down play it a little when he/she’s in school.”

“u 2 are such a ham couple. Love both of you. Bet you don’t have a boring moment a day.”

“Loved him on GH… He was always a GOOD GUY.”

“Nice baby bump…congrats agin…u bot hlook good albeit Fergie has a better figure in that dress…lmao”

Are you impressed by Fergie’s baby bump style and Josh Duhamel’s adorableness?