‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Cheyenne Floyd Fires Back At Body Comments: ‘What I Do To My Body Is My Choice’

Cheyenne Floyd may share her life on MTV’s hit reality show Teen Mom OG, but the young mom isn’t shy about standing up for herself on social media. After sharing a photo to Instagram recently, Cheyenne fired back at comments about her body. She also posted to her Instagram stories to address pregnancy rumors.

Taking to her social media account, Cheyenne shared a series of three photos which showed her wearing a long-sleeved pajama onesie. In the first photo, she sat on the edge of her bathtub as she looked down. The second image shows Cheyenne still sitting, but looking up at the camera. She appears to be wearing minimal makeup with her hair worn down. In the third and final snap, Cheyenne stood up, giving her fans a look at her derrière and a better glimpse at her full outfit.

While there is no doubt that Cheyenne looked stunning in the photos, she fired back after someone made a comment about her body. Having undergone plastic surgery, Cheyenne explained that she didn’t appreciate the “negativity” on her post.

“Ask questions before you send judgment and you might be blessed with a [sic] answer. You don’t know what I did or WHY I did it. It could be medically or it could be because it’s MY body so who gives a f*ck,” she commented in part.

Cheyenne then took to her Instagram stories and shared a picture of the comment that was made, posting additional text with it.


“Let’s nip and tuck this covo real quick.. What I do to my body is my choice.. What I choose to share is also my choice.. Now I’m not sad nor did I think I wasn’t good enough so let’s hop off that train,” she wrote, referencing her plastic surgery.

That wasn’t all Cheyenne had to say, though. She took the opportunity to address comments about her body as well as rumors that she is pregnant with baby number two.

She wrote that if anyone wanted to “share their thoughts” about her body “don’t.” She then said that anytime she posts a picture, people immediately ask if she is pregnant. She clarified that she is not pregnant and that when she is, she will share the news, but she will wait until she chooses “to do so.”

Cheyenne also addressed pregnancy rumors at the end of December. That time, she shared a video of herself to her Instagram stories wearing leggings and a sports bra. She explained that she wasn’t pregnant, despite people thinking she was “hiding” a pregnancy.