He might be autistic but he sure can start a fantastic meme

Internet memes are one thing. They are pretty much a dime a dozen and the supposed secret recipe for success on the web.

However you want to talk about what a real successful meme is then you have to look for the ones that cross over from the Internet into our real world. Those are fewer and far between so when the newest one about penguins started spreading it fascinating to see how it all got started.

The current favorite I am talking about is the “No kicking penguins” meme that was started by Colby Chipman.

On the surface it might seems a little hard to believe that those simple three words has sparked a worldwide meme

“Who would’ve known that this guy’s drawing could end up in Antarctica?” his mother Michelle asks, as she smiles and shrugs.

In October, she was walking down the hall when she kicked an inflatable penguin — which had been won at the Regatta — out of her way.

Seven-year-old Colby, who’s in Grade 2 at Paradise Elementary, promptly advised her that kicking penguins was prohibited.

He left the room for a minute, returned requesting Scotch Tape and then posted a hand-drawn sign — a woman kicking a penguin, in a circle with a diagonal line through it (as in a No Smoking sign).

Written around the image was the decree Colby had issued earlier — “No kicking penguins.”

Michelle was thrilled with his cleverness, and with the deeper message about being kind to birds and animals.

Source: Telegraph Online

What is incredible about this is that Colby is only seven years old and autistic.

What is also incredible about this is that this sign is now posted at the Antarctica and has become the official policy just a single day after Colby’s uncle posted it to social media site reddit.com.

It has progressed even beyond that with a store of its own where all the profits will go to autisms societies in the US and Canada.