Dynamo’s Latest Stunt Falls Flat: Fans Cry 'We Can See The Wires'

Master magician Dynamo was left with egg on his face after people spotted the all-too-visible wires that the maestro was using during his latest levitation stunt.

Magic is not about pulling white rabbits out of top hats or dazzling people with card tricks any more. The modern audience wants the big spectacle, but the trouble with the big spectacle is there's an awful lot that can go wrong.

Take Dynamo's latest stunt for example. The man who used to be know as Steven Frayne made the crowds gasp like goldfish and sigh in gob-smacked disbelief when he levitated 1,000 ft. above the ground and appeared to float above The Shard in London.

Flying high in the friendly sky above Europe's tallest building is a neat trick by anyone's standards and everyone was left suitably impressed with a warm fuzzy feeling that maybe there is such a thing as real magic in this big old jaded world.

That is until the eagle-eyed cynics on Twitter took a closer a look at the pics of the master magician's trick and discovered what looks like wires holding Dynamo in place as he floats serenely in the heavens above the 87-story skyscraper.

Dynamo Initially posted an image on his Twitter account of grey skies with the message: "The view is great from up here."

People instantly flocked to the building near London Bridge to take their own snaps of dynamic Dynamo doing his thing as he filmed the stunt for the new series of his popular TV show Dynamo: Magician Impossible.Yet after scrutinizing snaps of the stunt like legal beagles on steroids, many on Twitter have been left feeling impossibly cheated by the fact that they can see wires holding Dynamo in place.

Some have even bizarrely accused Dynamo of cheating, as if hanging suspended by invisible wire 1,000 ft. above the ground was the easiest thing in creation.

Someone calling himself A Clockwork Kumquat even said:

"He should at least give every penny he's earned to charity, I suggest a special school."
The 31-year-old sorcerer hasn't yet responded to the criticism, but The Mirror reported that in a previous statement, Dynamo said:
"I've been working with Variety, the children's charity, and I invited some of the children they support to meet me at The View from The Shard as it is one of the best places to see London. After I finished meeting them, I decided to explore a bit further."
Sadly it seems Dynamo may be flying without wings, but alas, not without wires.