Hulk Hogan Wants A Piece Of Transgender MMA Fighter Fallon Fox

Hulk Hogan Wants To Fight Transgender MMA Star

Is a Hulk Hogan and Fallon Fox fight going to happen?

In comments to TMZ on Saturday, the Hulkster said he would be up for battling the transgender MMA star. In fact, Hogan said he would “crush” her.

“I’ll whip her. I mean, I’ll whip him,” Hogan said when asked by a photographer at LAX if he would welcome Fox into a wrestling ring.

Hogan’s long-time manager “Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart was with the Hulkster and added, “If anybody can make money, let’s use them.”

While it doesn’t sound like Hogan has the idea for an actual fight, but instead would approach it from the scripted pro wrestling angle, it could certainly be a plausible angle for Hogan’s Impact Wrestling brand to pursue.

Fallon Fox came under fire after a quick knockout victory against opponent Ericka Newsome earlier this month. Up until that point, Fox had hidden the fact she was born as a man and lied on her application with Florida and California to get approval.

Since that time, everyone from Dana White to Miesha Tate has scoffed at the idea of allowing Fox to compete inside a UFC octagon.

That hasn’t scared off smaller fight promoters, such as Jorge de la Noval of Championship Fighting Alliance, from booking Fox. Noval currently has Fox scheduled for a featherweight tournament at CFA 11, MMA Junkie reported.

“Her manager spoke to the commission and her license is active,” Noval wrote to the website. “According to him, they said she was cleared to fight.”

Fox’s opponent, Allana Jones, and her manager Glen Bailey aren’t so sure. “Obviously, I have concerns about this fight. Not so much that I’m worried about Allana losing; losses happen within the sport. But the circumstances surrounding it,” Bailey said.

“I’ve spoken with several different doctors about any kind of physical advantage, and I’m waiting for an opinion to be written for me from a doctor out of Arizona that is very familiar with the fighting world.”

Bailey continued: “At this point and time, I can’t say, yes, we’ll take it. But I’m not going to say, no, we won’t take the fight either. I think there are some questions that are going to have to be answered.”

With the uncertainty surrounding Fox’s MMA career, a Hulk Hogan-Fallon Fox matchup could generate a good deal of interest and pay-per-view buys. Would you pay to see it, and do you think Fallon Fox should be allowed to fight women?

[Images via Wikipedia Commons / Fallon Fox Official Facebook Page]