Justin Bieber Admits He Was 'Extremely Nervous' Before Proposing To Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are happily married, but the singer recently admitted that before proposing to his now-wife, he was "extremely nervous."

Earlier in the week, Justin sat down with Ellen DeGeneres when he appeared as a guest on her show. According to a report from People, while the "Yummy" singer may have been nervous, it wasn't about whether or not Hailey would say "yes." Rather, he was worried about making a "serious commitment."

"In the past, we talked about me asking the question and I felt like she would say yes, so I wasn't really nervous about her saying yes," Justin said before adding, "But I was more nervous about, 'Am I going to make this commitment? Am I able to make this commitment as a man and be able to honor what I say?'"

Justin admitted that it being a "serious commitment" and a "huge thing" is what he battled with. Although he may have been nervous about making that commitment, he eventually decided that he was going to "be a husband," something that he said he "always wanted."

The marriage between Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin shocked fans since it seemed to happen so fast. The couple started dating not long after Justin split from his longtime girlfriend, singer Selena Gomez. Following getting together, the two announced their engagement in July 2018 and tied the knot in a quiet courthouse ceremony two months later in New York. What fans may not have realized is that the two had actually known each other for quite some time.

While appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen shared a photo of Justin and Hailey when they were teens, meeting for the first time. He admitted that, when they first met, he didn't know that he would one day end up marrying her. Justin smiled as he looked at the old photo of himself standing next to Hailey. Although Justin probably couldn't have imagined that he would one day marry Hailey, he admitted that he was "glad it worked out."

The new YouTube documentary series, Justin Bieber: Seasons, will give fans an inside look at Justin and his life including his marriage to Hailey Baldwin. The new series isn't the only thing going on in Justin's life, though. He recently released his latest single "Yummy" and announced an upcoming tour with dates in the United States and in Canada. The tour is set to kick off in Seattle, Washington in May.