WWE News: Six Different Superstars ‘Knocked Silly’ In The Past Week

It was not a good week for WWE superstars, as six wrestlers had scary moments.

Samoa Joe staggers around ringside.

It was not a good week for WWE superstars, as six wrestlers had scary moments.

There is no denying that WWE and other professional sports are taking concussions seriously and are doing what they can to prevent possible head injuries. Doctors are always on hand to check out any possible head trauma, and they were kept busy for the last few WWE shows. In the last week alone, six different superstars were said to be “knocked silly,” with some likely dealing with situations more serious than others.

It’s hard to know just how serious the following injuries were for the different WWE and NXT stars. Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Wrestling Inc., reported that six superstars were either “knocked silly” or “knocked out” as a part of two events in the last week.

The concussions or head issues came at NXT Worlds Collide last Saturday and this past week’s Monday Night Raw. Three situations happened at each show, and many fans were well aware of two from Raw, which were quite obvious.

During the Raw Tag Team Championship Match, Samoa Joe left halfway through, leaving Kevin Owens to fend for himself. After performing a suicide dive to the outside, Joe disappeared from the match and was taken to the back after grabbing his head.

In the match between MVP and Rey Mysterio, the former World Champion was obviously shaky on his feet. MVP delivered a kick halfway through the match, and it was noticeable to fans that Mysterio had trouble standing up and getting around the ring.

Rey Mysterio delivers a dropkick to MVP in the ring.

The third injury from Monday Night Raw was to Riddick Moss, who was making his main roster debut from NXT. He was partnered with WWE 24/7 Champion Mojo Rawley, but it isn’t certain what caused Moss to be “shaken up.”

At Worlds Collide on Saturday, one of the biggest issues came during the match between The Undisputed Era and Imperium. Alexander Wolfe caught a kick to the face from Bobby Fish and was removed from the match before it was over.

Marcel Barthel and Roderick Strong are two other NXT superstars who were “knocked silly” during the Worlds Collide event.

The report from Wrestling Observer stated that not all of the WWE superstars ended up with full concussions, and some are already said to be “alright.” Official updates have not yet been provided by WWE or NXT regarding the superstars, but more will become known this week as the TV shows air.