#YangUnitesAmerica Trends On Super Bowl Sunday Ahead Of Iowa Caucuses

On Sunday evening, supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang took to Twitter to trend #YangUnitesAmerica. Along with the hashtag, they explained why they believe their candidate of choice is the person that can bring unity to the polarized politics of the United States.

“Our country is terribly polarized and Yang is our best chance to bring people together!” one supporter wrote, pointing to the campaign’s diverse base that includes former supporters of both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

“#YangUnitesAmerica because he’s the only candidate who can pull support from all parts of the political spectrum,” another wrote.

Yang supporter and universal basic income (UBI) advocate Scott Santens took the time to speak on the importance of the campaign’s UBI proposal, branded the Freedom Dividend.

“When I wrote that UBI was not left or right but forward in 2014, I did that because that message needs stressing. If we can unite around ideas like UBI, we can unite around other ideas, and return to being the United States. Yang is already making this happen.”

Whether Yang performs well in Iowa and continues gaining momentum or not, a recent Emerson College poll suggests that his campaign has significantly moved the needle on UBI. In response to the question of support for a UBI of $1,000 per month for all U.S. citizens over the age of 18 — as Yang proposes — 53 percent of respondents said yes, 30 percent said no, and 17 percent were unsure.

During an appearance on ABC’s This Week on Sunday, Yang told host George Stephanopoulos he expects to surprise many Iowans on Monday.

“We think we’re going to surprise a lot of people on Monday night, George,” he said, claiming that the campaign also has a “ton of support” in New Hampshire.


The Yang campaign recently revealed that it raised $6.7 million in January and raked in $1.2 million on January 31 alone. According to Campaign Chief Nick Ryan, the fundraising haul means that the Yang team will have the funds to continue competing with establishment candidates that have the benefit of bundlers and lobbyists.

With the Iowa caucuses Monday, Yang’s 17-day tour of the state concludes, and his campaign is heading to New Hampshire to continue his trek across the country. According to the campaign, he will be holding a series of 20 town halls across the state to spread his vision for the United States.

Per RealClearPolitics, Yang is in sixth place in Iowa with 3.8 percent support. He is also sixth in the overall polling average with 4.7 percent support.