WWE News: Paige’s New Look Criticized By Fan, Her Mother Responds

Paige makes an appearance on WWE television

WWE superstar Paige has been open about negative fans on social media in recent weeks, and the harassment doesn’t appear to be cooling down any. Recently, a fan shared a picture of the former Women’s Champion before and after her breast augmentation surgery, stating that she doesn’t look good these days. However, this didn’t go down too well with some of Paige’s family members.

As documented by WrestlingNews.co, Paige’s mother, Julia Hamer-Bevis, aka Sarya Knight, took to Twitter to defend her daughter’s decision to get surgery. She also shared some before-and-after pictures, revealing that she’s as beautiful as she’s ever been.

“She was 18 years old when she moved to [the U.S.A] for @WWE, she is 27 now, and she has also been to hell and back and HAD to have work done…. my daughter is amazing and I would rather her look this way than seeing her broken. She’s a survivor and she is now happy, she is beautiful.”

Knight’s followers weighed in on the situation as well. One user claimed that Paige is “strong, awesome and tough.” Another said that it’s her life, and she should be allowed to make her own decisions when it comes to her body without being judged by others.

Unfortunately, not every comment was supportive. One Twitter user said that she had “butchered” her body by getting surgery, but that opinion was a minority one. For the most part, the superstar’s fans were complimentary toward her.

While most fans have been supportive of Paige’s decision to have work done, the latest story proves that there are still a few bad apples out there who are loud when it comes to their criticisms of the former Women’s Champion.

Furthermore, they reportedly came out in full force recently after she criticized Triple H for making a crude joke about her past.

According to Paige, women performers have to fight harder than men to be embraced in the sports entertainment industry. Triple H’s joke sparked some debates about how improvements must be made in order for female superstars to be judged on the same terms as male performers.

The latest Twitter outbursts pertaining to her appearance also suggest that fans are more critical of women superstars, as their male counterparts don’t receive the same backlash after getting work done on their bodies.

Paige is currently retired from in-ring competition because of a career-ending neck injury, but she is thriving as an analyst on WWE Backstage, which airs on FS1 on Tuesday nights.