Donald Trump Reportedly Slammed ‘Fat’ Meghan McCain In Vicious Rant: She’s ‘Dumber’ Than Her Dad

Donald Trump has never been afraid to slam his critics, but according to a new report from the Daily Beast, the president was particularly harsh in an attack against The View‘s Meghan McCain.

In a new book called Sinking in the Swamp: How Trump’s Minions and Misfits Poisoned Washington, sources say that Trump called friends to encourage them to join him in a lengthy rant against McCain, saying that the View host somehow seems “dumber” than her father and asked if she has “been getting fatter.”

Trump’s issues with McCain apparently began with her father, the late Arizona Senator John McCain. In early 2019, as Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report was slated to be turned in to the Department of Justice, the president repeatedly attacked the Republican senator, despite his near-universal respect in Washington D.C. after his passing.

Meghan responded to the president’s attacks in a March episode of the talk show.

“I don’t expect decency from the Trump family,” she said.

Reportedly, this angered the president and he called friends, where he allegedly went on a minute and a half uninterrupted rant where he bashed the younger McCain. The source says that the person on the line with the president put the phone on mute, turned on the speakerphone function, and let everyone in the room listen to his venting.

During the attack, he made fun of her cheeks and waistline.

“During the conversations, he aggressively fixated on what an awful TV host she was, both on The View and during her time as a Fox News contributor. He wondered why anyone would want to hire her. He rambled on and on about how nobody would care about who she was or what she had to say, if not for the genetic proximity to Sen. McCain,” the Daily Beast reports.

McCain has since repeated her criticism of the Trump family, extending her displeasure to Ivanka and Melania Trump.

McCain isn’t the only woman in the media that Trump reportedly had an issue with. The book notes that he attacked NBC News correspondent Katy Tur. During his campaign, Trump dubbed her “that b*tch with the tranny dad.”

The two first clashed in an interview prior to his being elected where Tur pushed Trump on his foreign policy and he verbally berated her when she momentarily lost her train of thought during questioning. Tur later wrote a book about the campaign and noted that Trump regularly acted inappropriately towards her, kissing her on the cheek without her consent and berating her.

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