Paris Hilton Is Hollywood’s Newest Swatting Victim

Paris Hilton is the latest celebrity to become a victim of swatting.

Police said they received a call Saturday afternoon stating that someone had broken into the starlet’s home. Officers were quickly dispatched to Hilton’s house.

After having a quick look at the property, authorities determined that nobody had gained access to the home. Police currently believe that Paris Hilton was another victim of swatting.

Unlike other similar swatting pranks, the individual who placed the call didn’t say there were armed assailants inside the heiress’ home.

Initial reports suggested that Hilton may have been home at the time the incident took place. However, she later tweeted that she was attending a concert in Miami.

Paris Hilton isn’t the only celebrity swatting victim in recent months. Previous victims of the prank include Tom Cruise, Chris Brown, and Clint Eastwood. The Kardashians have also been swatted in the past.

A 12-year-old boy admitted to swatting Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber earlier this month. The boy, whose named has been withheld because he is a minor, said he placed the calls using a TTY device. He also allegedly made emergency calls to area businesses.

“The comments of the call advised that there were individuals inside the location with guns and explosives, and that several people had been shot,” police said.

The statement continued, “The swatting practice is extremely dangerous and places first responders and citizens in harm’s way.”

Paris Hilton Swatting

Authorities were reportedly summoned to the home of legendary actor Clint Eastwood last month. Police received a call that said several armed men had entered Eastwood’s home. Officers were immediately dispatched to the scene of the crime.

However, authorities found nothing out of the ordinary when they arrived at the actor’s house. It’s currently believed that Eastwood was just another celebrity swatting victim.

Police are still investigating who was behind the Paris Hilton swatting prank.

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