Boy Admits Kutcher Prank In Swatting Case

A 12-year-old boy admits to his role in a prank against actor Ashton Kutcher that caused authorities to swarm the actor’s home last year, according to a statement by officials on Monday.

The boy, whose name has not been released, is accused of making false reports to police in a prank known as swatting. Earlier this year, the district attorney’s office in Los Angeles County charged the boy with four felony counts of computer intrusion and making false bomb threats.

The 12-year-old reportedly admitted his guilt in relation to two of the felony counts on Monday, as he appeared before Juvenile Court Judge Christina L. Hill.

The charges stem from an October 3, 2012 incident in which emergency response teams descended on the California home of Ashton Kutcher after receiving a 911 call.

According to a police statement, emergency services teams were “advised that there were individuals inside the location with guns and explosives, and that several people had been shot.”

Dozens of authorities arrived to find the home occupied by authorized workers and no apparent signs of an emergency. The Two and a Half Men actor was not present at the time of the swatting incident.

Swatting pranks typically involve false reports of emergencies or major crimes in progress, usually at high-profile homes or businesses. Police warn that swatting pranks can have dangerous results, compromising the safety of emergency personnel and innocent citizens.

While the boy admits to the Kutcher prank, he is also accused of making false emergency calls involving several local businesses and the home of singer Justin Bieber. The calls, including the one about Kutcher’s home, were reportedly made using a TTY device, typically used as a communication device by members of the deaf community.


According to the district attorney’s office, charges related to those incidents will likely be dropped. However, the allegations are reportedly expected to be considered during sentence deliberation.

A sentencing date has not yet been determined for the 12-year-old boy who admits to the Kutcher prank, however Judge Hill agreed on Monday to transfer the sentencing portion of the case to the county where the defendant currently resides.

What do you think is an appropriate sentence for the boy who admits his involvement in the Kutcher swatting prank?

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]