'General Hospital' February Sweeps Brings Constance Towers Back As Helena Cassadine

Kim Brandow

Helena Cassadine has been talked about quite often these days on General Hospital. Despite the famous soap villain supposedly being dead, she appears to be the hot topic of conversation lately. Some viewers even think that she is not dead after all and will be back alive and well eventually. That time may be on the horizon, as Highlight Hollywood is reporting that actress Constance Towers will be reprising her longtime GH role.

February sweeps is coming up, so this would be the perfect time for Helena to show up. However, the entertainment site didn't indicate whether the character will be actually alive or if Towers will be returning in flashbacks as she did months ago when Peter was revealed to have been in cahoots with her in the past. However it all plays out, General Hospital fans are always delighted to see her wreak havoc on Port Charles, one way or another.

What is being reported is that Constance Towers taped her scenes in December, which were originally supposed to be aired February 5-7. However, new episodes have been pushed back due to the Trump impeachment coverage, as The Inquisitr reported, so it looks like her scenes will be aired a week or so later than expected.

The site also made a reference that Helena lives. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen. Since her scenes are only supposed to last for three days, that may be a hint that she is only seen in flashbacks. However, that has not been confirmed just yet.

If Helena really is alive, that would certainly cause plenty of chaos in Port Charles. That would really shake things up, especially for Nik and Ava, who just recently married. Ava is out for a small fortune, and she and Helena would definitely make sparks fly in scenes together. Ava appears to be itching to take her place on Spoon Island.

It seems unlikely that Helena Cassadine will be brought back alive at this point in time, especially with only three days on screen. Since Valentin had remarked last week on General Hospital that she is playing Nikolas, that could lead to flashbacks between him and Helena that could shed some light on what went down in the past between them.