'Apex Legends' Is Coming To Mobile Platforms

Apex Legends is coming to iOS and Android platforms, as first reported by industry insider and analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter.

While Ahmad wasn't able to provide a specific date when fans of the popular shooter can expect its arrival, he did say publisher Electronic Arts has confirmed the news. He went on to say the game is going to get an eventual global release.

The company is reportedly working with an unnamed partner in China in order to make sure Apex Legends will truly be a global release. It's still not known if that means it will be a simultaneous release or if it will be headed to areas outside of China first.

The analyst added Tencent is likely the partner EA will work with on this title -- as it has done so in the past. The publisher has teamed up with the Chinese company on FIFA Online 4 and Need For Speed Online.

While this announcement -- coming from an earnings call from EA -- should get iPhone, iPad, and Android users very excited, there is one group of gamers who are still being left out in the cold.

It appears, for now, that Apex Legends is not planned for the Nintendo Switch. In fact, the company said they still don't have plans to bring any of their current library of games to the hybrid console.

Apex Legends is the last of the "major" team-based shooters not already on mobile platforms. Its primary competitors -- Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Fortnite -- have both been available on iOS and Android for several months.
Fortnite is also available on the Nintendo Switch. PUBG is only available on the Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, and mobile devices.

Apex Legends is also the newest of the most popular team-based shooters. The game had a bit of a surprise launch back in February of last year and was met with a massive number of adopters very early on.

As is the case with Fortnite, the title is free to play, allowing gamers to download it for free and only paying for items, cosmetics, and new heroes should they want to make those purchases. None of those items are geared towards giving players a competitive leg up.

The announcement that Apex Legends will eventually come to mobile devices came on the same day the game unveiled its "season four" trailer. That trailer also showed off a brand new hero who will be arriving when the new season launches next Tuesday, February 4.