Adam Levine's Michael Jackson Impression Will Blow You Away [Video]

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon is known for his spot on impressions, but did you know Maroon 5's Adam Levine can give him a run for his money? That's exactly what the singer did when Fallon challenged him to an impersonation-off.

During Levine's guest appearance the two decided to participate in a bevy of musical impressions called "The Tonight Show Wheel of Musical Impressions." It was already impressive when Levine effortlessly tackled the stylistic voice of Frank Sinatra, but then the frontman had the task of singing the Sesame Street theme song as Michael Jackson, and that's when Fallon and the live audience were stunned.

In a tone that sounds similar to "Smooth Criminal" Adam blows the lid off of the studio. The singer already has a very specific tone to his voice, so the fact that he could pull off a few voices, specifically Jackson's is a huge accomplishment.

In addition to Levine's impression of Michael Jackson, Fallon went on to sing in his best Bob Dylan voice, which was pretty impressive in and of itself. It's obvious that Levine won this challenge, but regardless of who won, people are still freaking out about it.

Currently Levine just dropped his fifth album with Maroon 5 appropriately titled V. This is a follow up to their fourth studio album Overexposed, which was a big departure from the rest of their music. While Overexposed split critics with its radio-friendly sound, V is racking up better reception so far.

Billboard writes:

A close listen to fifth album V reveals that their foundation has not been removed. Levine's hummingbird vocals and passionate delivery are as earnest as they were on their 2002 debut 'Songs About Jane.'
The site continues to highlight Levine's vocals:
"Levine's also become a master at stretching and twisting words, like he did with that final "moves" in the 'Moves Like Jagger' chorus. Such additions put V in the fast lane to chart-topping victory: after all, lead single 'Maps' peaked at No. 6 on the Hot 100, and follow-up 'Animals' is creeping up the chart now.

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