Kansas Man Discovers A 6-Foot Boa Constrictor Hiding Inside Of His Couch

Justin Bailey, a resident of Rose Hill, Kansas, received quite the scare on Wednesday when he discovered a 6-foot-long boa constrictor hidden inside his living room couch, reports ABC News.

The citizen called the Rose Hill Police Department after the startling discovery, in the hopes that someone would be able to retrieve the snake for him. The Butler County Fire District No. 3 later responded to the call. Deputy Fire Chief Melvin Linot -- who the department has dubbed their "resident snake charmer" -- managed to wrangle the reptile and even posed for a photograph that was later posted on the department's official Facebook page.

They asked if anyone was missing a pet boa and if so, they could claim it. Several reptile-lovers on the Facebook post didn't know whose snake it was but were keen to adopt it themselves if no one came to collect it.

According to 13 WHTR, Bailey was searching for his keys when he plunged his hands down in between the couch cushions and felt something scaly hidden beneath.

"I reach into the right side, and I feel something, and I'm like, 'That doesn't feel right,'" said the concerned resident.

He also added that he had no idea how the creature found its way into his home. It may have taken up residence inside the Bailey family couch months ago, potentially when it was much smaller.

Reporters from ABC News spoke with Butler County Fire Chief James Woydziak about what they'll do next with the reptile.

"I'm not even sure who gets to make that decision. This has never come up before," stated a baffled Woydziak.

People on Twitter found the news to be pretty humorous and joked that they were shocked this particular story occurred in Kansas and not in Florida -- a state known for many oddities. Others were terrified by the report and vowed to get their couches thoroughly inspected before sitting on them again. One user even shared the infamous Snakes on a Plane scene with Samuel L. Jackson.

"So that's what happened to the baby snake I left at my in-laws house 27 years ago..." quipped one Twitter user.

"It was just protecting all that loose change between the cushions," wrote another person.


Per the aforementioned 13 WHTR article, the boa constrictor is now at a Kansas pet store. A phone number for the rightful pet owner to call was shared on the Butler County Fire District's Facebook page.