‘My 600-LB Life’ Gina Krasley Update: See The Progress She Has Made Since Disappointing Trip To Houston


Gina Krasley may have had a difficult time on My 600-LB Life, but it appears that the New Jersey woman has made some strides since the show aired.

Gina was featured on this week’s episode of the TLC docu-series, showing viewers the difficulty she faced in leaving her family and relocating to Houston for what could be life-saving treatment. As Distractify noted, Gina felt increasingly desperate about her life situation, weighing more than 600 pounds and living in the same house as her entire family — her mother, sister, sister’s fiance, and her own wife.

“I wake up every day to the same miserable experience because my weight has me trapped in this chair all day every day and I hate it,” Gina said.

But Gina struggled with her entry in Dr. Younan Nowzaradan’s weight-loss program, and was not even able to get the bariatric surgery she had been hoping would turn her life around. Gina struggled to drop the initial 50 pounds needed to qualify, and eventually hit her target only to be hit with a major setback when she gained 13 pounds back just before her surgery day.

Gina is not the first to struggle during her time on My 600-LB Life, as many on the show have a difficult time overcoming food addictions or other mental health factors that stand in their way. Others push back against the diet regimen needed to lose weight, or disagree with the course of treatment put in place by Dr. Now.

The My 600-LB Life episode ended with not much in the way of positive updates from Gina, but her time since leaving the show seems to have been much more fruitful. Gina has taken to social media to share a number of pictures of herself and what appears to be a smaller frame. Her Instagram page shows a recent picture where Gina showed off a thinned-down face, along with plenty of messages about perseverance.

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In another Instagram post this week, just days before her My 600-LB Life episode aired, Gina gave some positive self-affirmation for her weight-loss battle.

“Life is tough, my daring, but so are you,” it read.

Gina also promoted a Facebook page that offers encouragement for people on their weight-loss journeys.

It was not clear how much weight Gina may have lost since the show ended, but those looking for more updates can keep an eye on TLC’s official page for My 600-LB Life or follow Gina on Instagram.