BeBook Neo E-Reader Offers Pre-Orders, Features WiFi And WACOM

BeBook Neo E-Reader with WiFi

The BeBook Neo E-Reader is officially ready for orders and offers a bunch of useful features for eBook fans including WiFi and WACOM capabilities.

The Neo also offers 512MB internal storage and comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack and an SD expansion slot. The unit also features a portable, yet readable 6 inch Vizplex display (800 x 600) with a 532MHz Freescale CPU for snappy loadtimes and online capabilities.

The unit also offers a USB 2.0 connection and supports a wide array of file types that include ePUB, PDF, HTML, JPG, PNG and various others.

BeBook also claims 7,000 page turns on a full charge, plenty of time to get in all your reading while sitting on the beach for vacation. Plus BeBook has built the Neo to support various third-party ebook sites, allowing for better access to more material.

Finally, WACOM allows users to annotate text and add text mark-ups much easier than other ebooks. BeBook is also promising software updates in the near future. If you simply have to have one, the pre-order price is $299. [HotHardware]