'One Piece' Chapter 969 Reveals Former Owners Of Barrier-Barrier And Clone-Clone Devil Fruits

The latest chapter of One Piece, which is titled "Fool of a Lord," mainly focused on the flashback of Lord Kozuki Oden and the start of his sufferings at the hands of Shogun Kurozumi Orochi. It also revealed some interesting information about the Barrier-Barrier Devil Fruit and Clone-Clone Devil Fruit, which are currently in the possession of Barto Club captain Bartolomeo and former Baroque Works member Bon Clay.

In One Piece Chapter 969, Lord Oden headed to Shogun Orochi's mansion with the goal of avenging his wife, Lady Kozuki Toki. Unfortunately, despite easily defeating most of his subordinates, Lord Oden was unable to touch Shogun Orochi. Chapter 969 revealed that before Lord Oden slashed the shogun's body, one of Orochi's closest allies, Biwa-playing priest Kurozumi Semimaru, came in to save him.

In turned out that before Bartolomeo, Semimaru was the owner of the Barrier-Barrier Devil Fruit. No matter how hard Lord Oden attacked Shogun Orochi, his sword couldn't reach him. As Semimaru said, the barrier that he created using his devil fruit power would resist any attempt to breach it. Shogun Orochi said that because of Semimaru's devil fruit ability, even the Daimyos of the Land of Wano were scared to go up against him.

Lord Oden was surprised at first, but things started to become clear to him after old hag Kurozumi Higurashi explained the supernatural powers conferred by the devil fruits. Semimaru wasn't the only one who ate a devil fruit, Higurashi did as well. Chapter 969 revealed that Higurashi was the former owner of the Clone-Clone Devil Fruit. Though his devil fruit power wasn't very useful in a fight, it played a major role in Shogun Orochi's rise to power.

With his ability to copy the faces of anyone he touches, Higurashi helped Shogun Orochi convince the late shogun, Kozuki Sukiyaki, that Lord Oden treated him like his little brother. By copying Shogun Sukiyaki's face, Higurashi also made everyone in the Land of Wano believe that Shogun Orochi was really named as the shogun's proxy until Lord Oden returned.

Lord Oden asked Shogun Orochi to give him the title back. Though he didn't really have any intention of becoming his father's successor, Lord Oden was very confident that he could make the Land of Wano a better country than Shogun Orochi. Unfortunately, Shogun Orochi didn't have any plan of ceding control to Lord Oden, since all the citizens of the Land of Wano thought that Shogun Sukiyaki was the one who put him on the throne. Shogun Orochi even gave Lord Oden a hint that Shogun Sukiyaki didn't really die of illness.