Viral Video Shows Elizabeth Warren Dance For Joy After Learning About Key ‘Des Moines Register’ Endorsement

Elizabeth Warren speaks to an audience
Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Elizabeth Warren looked more than pleased to earn a key Iowa endorsement, with a viral video showing the Democratic candidate dancing for joy after learning that the influential Des Moines Register had given her their stamp of approval.

On Saturday, the newspaper announced that it was endorsing Warren for the upcoming caucuses, which take place in a little more than a week. The endorsement is one of the most coveted in Iowa, especially in a race that has been as tight as the one this year, with Warren close in polls with frontrunners Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

As a video posted on Twitter by the political site Iowa Starting Line showed, Warren seemed thrilled with the endorsement. The clip showed Warren talking to two women when she got the news that the paper was endorsing her. Appearing shocked at first, Warren launched into an impromptu dance of joy as she spoke to the pair.

The endorsement could be very important for Warren who, after a surge in the fall of last year, has seen her poll numbers fall off. As The Inquisitr reported, she fell to fourth place in a poll of Iowa released on Saturday.

The New York Times/Siena College poll showed that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders led with 25 percent support among Democratic caucus-goers. South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg came in second at 18 percent, followed by former Vice President Joe Biden at 17 percent, and Warren at 15 percent.

But the endorsement of the Des Moines Register has been shown to have significant impact in the past. As Politico noted, the unusually late endorsement this year has the potential for an even bigger impact on the apparently wide open race.

“The Register is the most important media endorsement in the state,” the report noted. “Its effect may be even more pronounced this year because polling indicates the race is still up for grabs and a significant portion of caucus-goers are open to supporting a candidate who isn’t their first choice.”

In its endorsement of Warren, the Des Moines Register noted that she may have some ideas for “structural” change that go too far but stated that her views on health care and the influence of corporations in Washington put her at the top of the pack for Democratic candidates.

“Those ideas are not radical. They are right,” the editorial noted. “They would improve life in America, and they are generally shared by the other Democratic candidates, who bring their own strengths to this race.”